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To Meet The Powder Briquette Press Machine Suppress High-quality Final Briquettes Conditions
Sep 19, 2017

Meet the Powder Briquette Press Machine Suppress High-quality Final Briquettes Conditions

In the production of briquette press, add to adhesives, dry powder briquette press machine is not required, the need for mineral powder briquette press machine, if the mineral powder briquette press machine is equivalent to "stove" and the adhesive is cooking Indispensable spices.

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Mineral Powder Briquette Press Machine need to use adhesives to help shape, material matching links, binder selection types and the amount of the amount of significant impact. Extremely strong plasticity, affordable, easy to purchase, internal ingredients and materials combined with the use of more efficient selection of several major standards.

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Choose the right adhesive, is the premise of efficient production of powder briquette press machine, but there are other aspects in different aspects of the control of the briquetting equipment effect. Specifically, the powder briquetting machine equipment to suppress the production of materials into the briquettes conditions:


 1, the size of the ore powder: the particle size and particle size distribution of the briquettes strength have a certain impact, the appropriate particles can be fully contact with the adhesive and bonding, granulation granulation required particle size control in the -200 mesh Level control in 85% -95% is appropriate; but the roll forming process on the particle size requirements are relatively low, the general size of 3mm below the control in 70-80% can be.

  2, the mixture of mixing: mineral powder and binder evenly mixed, the impact of the strength of the briquettes are often overlooked. Application shows that the powder and binder through the kneading after mixing, the material surface even creamy, so that the plasticity increased, the strength was significantly improved.

  3, forming the external force: the strength of the briquettes in addition to the performance of the adhesive, the main depends on the formation of external force. Appropriate increase in external force can help increase the strength of briquettes.

  4, Quantity of binder: select the appropriate amount of adhesive added, not only the briquettes has a high quality, but also can reduce the processing costs of briquettes. The use of liquid pellet binder dosage is generally 4% -8%, dry powder pellet binder dosage is generally 2-3%.

  5, the formation of the pellet water content: the size of mineral powder formation directly related to the pellet formation rate, curing time, initial strength, late strength and other quality. Practice has proved that the two processes of forming water should be controlled between 8-15% is appropriate.

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ZHENGZHOU DAYANG BRIQUETTE MACHINERY CO., LTD, who is professional at coal/charcoal/mineral powder briquette press machine and coal/charcoal/mineral briquettes plant designing and manufacturer more than 20 years, service for hunderds of briquettes machine and briquettes plants customers from domestic and abroad! After thousands of redesigning & updating and hundreds of customers test, we are glad to recommend our key technology connect rollers for press machine and chain plate dryer. Connection rollers for briquette press is greatly short the time to change the rollers and save much cost on rollers; New Designing Chain Plate Dryer is famous for its large production capacity upto 25-30tph, less briquettes damage, and strong drying ability final briquettes moisture content less than 5%!

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