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Hammer Crusher Used For Coal & Charcoal Briquettes Plant
Feb 15, 2017

Crusher used for coal and charcoal briquettes plant 

There are two kinds of crusher, widely used coal and charcoal briquettes plant, but some of customers made mistake to buy the crusher, wast much money and time.


Hammer crusher, used for coal briquettes plant

Hammers are fixed on the shaft of center which are driven by the motor by v belt. The coal will be feed into the crusher from top and discharge from bottom. Coal will be crushed by the speed hammer and until discharge. This kinds of crusher only used for coal with less  moisture content, such as 15%, and have no much request on the size of coal fines from crusher!


Usually, this hammer crusher are widely used assembled with the coal briquette press to crush the coal before feed into the mixer to mix with binders. The size of fines around 3-5mm, which is enough for coal briquette press, and production capacity is large, widely welcome by coal briquette plant.

Hammer blade crusher, used for charcoal briquettes plant

Hammer blade crusher, which is different with traditional hammer crusher, because of the key parts are not complete not hammer, looks like the blade, but works same with hammer, so named hammer blade crusher, which widely used charcoal briquettes grinding, wood chips grinding, biomass materials grinding.


The charcoal dust will be feed into the crusher from top, and the charcoal dust will be grinding in the cavity until upto the request size, such as less than 3mm, which will be controlled by the screen assembled at the bottom of cavity.


Most importantly, charcoal fine will be sucked out by draught fan assembled side of crusher, and collect into the cyclone discharge device, which ensure the charcoal fines can not block the crusher;


On the other hands, the dust will be collect by the bag filter to reduce the dust in the plant, which is welcomed by all the charcoal briquettes plant!


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