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FRQ Meet During Briquette Press Briquetting Equipment Commission
Mar 03, 2017

FRQ Meet During Briquette Press Briquetting Equipment Commission 

Briquette Press Machine is a kind of coal briquettes making equipment, it can make all kinds of 

dry and wet powder continuously to rolling zone by preloading device, pressure in the rolling zone

, the dry and wet powder is pressed into a ball. Mainly used in coal, mining, metallurgy, 

refractory materials, building materials and other industries.

360 COAL BRIQUETTE PRESSbriquetting machine

rollers for briquette press

Under normal circumstances, in addition to the fault itself, the installation and commissioning of

the failure encountered by most of the external equipment.

Phenomenon one: press the ball repeatedly restart

briquetting machine to restart the power supply is usually due to low power supply, not enough to drive 

the normal operation of the ball caused by.Firstly, the power supply voltage must be measured by 

the multimeter, which must be measured in the case of the load (ball). Of particular note is that 

the power consumption of the heater in the outdoor ball machine to open and not open far, power 

supply must be considered when the maximum power of the ball machine, to ensure the power supply 

equipment is sufficient to drive the ball machine normal work.

Phenomenon two: Video scrolling

The video image of the briquette press  keeps rolling in the monitor, which is caused by video

synchronization. 24VAC coal briquette press machine is mostly based on AC power in the phase of

automatic synchronization, can press the coal briquetting machine menu, choose the phase 

synchronization function. If the power phase causes automatic synchronization failure, you can 

manually set the phase value in the menu to solve the synchronization problem.

Phenomenon  three: control code

When there is no regular rotation of the ball press, check whether the central equipment is wrong

or not, and then check whether the menu has started a random scan mode. If the above steps were 

normal, mostly because the data communication line interference and uninterrupted transmission of

information caused by garbage. The electromagnetic interference from the transmission path, and 

optical deviation in photoelectric reduction may.

Although the use of brand resources is an effective object, but the actual experience is still the

 key to the project. Briquette Press machine is often numerous site conditions, the crux of the 

problem can be attributed to so few total. Through the investigation of the nature of the 

phenomenon, is the necessary quality of each site personnel. As a brand, should be more 

understanding of the user's technical problems and analysis, solution, induction, the experience 

of the audience will be more users.


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