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Five Factors That Affect Complete Briquettes Rate
Apr 18, 2018

Five factors that affect complete briquettes rate

 The complete briquettes from briquetting machine rate is a criterion for judging the quality of the briquette machine. The main function of the briquette machine is to press the material into briquettes. Therefore, the balling rate is one of the factors that determine the quality of the equipment. Briquettes machine complete briquette rate is also one of the users most concerned about the issue. Today we have come to understand what factors affect the efficiency briquette machine formation?


 First of all, no iron or other high hardness blocks are not allowed in the material to avoid damaging the rollers and shafts of the forming machine. The use department should install iron removing parts in the process; the particle size of the particles should be controlled to less than 1mm. In 30-40%; 1-2mm particles should be in 30-40%, particles with less than 3mm should be about 10%; water control in 8-10% A little bit different, absolute guarantee of uniform moisture, should pay special attention); feed must be satisfied, should adopt adjustable speed screw feeder, observe the amount of feed back to adjust the supply of new materials; binders and other additives ( Such as sulfur removal agent) The user should carry out industrial preparation according to the type of coal and its use environment.

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1, the rate of binder and material

Choosing a reasonable binder is the first step of the briquette press. After identifying the binder, it is also necessary to determine the standard for the ratio of the binder and the material. Generally, it is necessary to determine an optimum binder amount through the test.

2, molding pressure of briquette press

The optimum molding pressure of briquette presses needs continuous experimentation to come into being. Due to different kinds of coal materials, material moisture and particle size, and different types of adhesives, the ratio requirements are different, so the optimal molding pressure needs to be met. Constant debugging in production.

3, the physical and chemical properties of the material

Whether it is pulverized coal, coal briquettes, coking coal, its elasticity and plasticity have the most prominent impact on the briquetting machine of coal briquettes. The higher the plasticity of the coal material is, the better the molding properties of the powdered coal are.


4, the water content of the material

The coal production line requires that the moisture content of the pressed material does not exceed the optimum moisture content range, and of course, the moisture content requirements of the specific material when pressed are also different.

    (1) The proper amount of water can act as a lubricant to reduce the internal friction of the molding system and improve the mechanical strength of the briquette. If there is too much water, the surface layer of the particles will become thicker, which will affect the full density of the particles, and will reduce the mechanical strength of the coal.

    (2) Formed with hydrophobic binder, the water content of the material is generally controlled at 4% or less;

    (3) Formed with hydrophilic binders, generally suitable moisture is 10-15%. In short, the water content needs to be more practical to control it within an optimal range.

    5, the material size and material composition

    The smaller particle size facilitates the close arrangement of the particles. When the briquette ball press uses an adhesive forming process, the optimal particle size composition should minimize the total voids between the particles with the smallest total surface area of the material to reduce adhesion. The amount of agent, thereby reducing the production cost of briquette.

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