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Final Coal Briquettes Shape&size Is Decided By Shape In Briquette Press Machine Rollers Shape And Size
Mar 14, 2017

Final coal briquettes shape&size is decided by shape in briquette press machine 

rollers shape and size

In order to facilitate transport and protection of air pollution, our enterprises use of coal and 

other mineral powder or powder material, often need to processing into a special shape and size 

briquettes, which is convenient transportation, no air pollution, but also improve the utilization 

rate and production efficiency, is really a good place. Said here is pressed into briquette 

equipment, briquettes type, must complete the product pressing according to their actual needs, do 

not blindly choose briquetting machine, coal briquette machine to find a familiar friend to give 

you the knowledge about, this is a must, in fact, the shape of the briquetting machine things 

simply because, effect of briquette maker machine shape only roll, so you only start to roll there 

can solve the briquetter machine sample shape, also can solve the key problems of all sample size, 

as long as you roll on the line. In fact, the most easily damaged parts of the briquette press is 

the roller, and the ball machine is the most vulnerable parts of the roller is the highest price. 

So when you buy the ball machine to pay particular attention to the ball roller material, this is 

what you are most concerned about. There is a need to recommend to buy, to pressure the ball 

machine sample shape, must choose good adhesive manufacturers, this produced sample compressive 

ability, cracks and crushed the situation does not appear in the transport and use process, reduce 

unnecessary losses.

final briquettes

The shape of the sample of the pressure ball machine is summed up, rectangle, polygon, circle, 

ellipse, square, etc..

rollers and briquettes


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