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What Factors Affect The Quality Of The Finished Ball Of The Ball Press?
Oct 20, 2018

What factors affect the quality of the finished ball of the ball press?

High-efficiency operation can not only quickly complete production tasks, but also ensure product quality. In particular, it relates to the quality of the finished ball of the ball press, so the adverse factors affecting the pressing work should be excluded as much as possible.?

What factors affect the quality of the finished ball of the ball press?

1. The customer's requirement for the ball socket is too small, and the speed of the material is too fast, which causes the production speed to be less than the feeding speed, and it is easy to cause the phenomenon of blockage.

2, the humidity of the material is too high, once the humidity is high will increase the viscosity, it will easily lead to pressure ball machine blocking material.

3, Raw materials mixed with large particles, so that particles can not pass the roller, it will cause blocking phenomenon.

4, pressure ball machine speed is too low, the material is not easy to demoulding, general pressure ball machine speed should be maintained between 10-20 turn.

5, special models also caused difficulties in the mold, such as squares, diamonds and other special shapes, in general, we are asking for oval, round, etc., this is easier to release.

6. The material supply processing is not in place. It mainly includes the coordination and communication coordination of the staff.

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