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Factors That Affect The Release From Briquettes Press Rollers
May 10, 2018

What are the factors that affect the release from briquettes press rollers?

In the use of briquette press machine, it is hoped that the production efficiency can be raised. There are indeed many equipments of the same manufacturer in the actual visits, but there are differences in the production and quality of briquette press by different users. The specific reason is more, such as the operator's proficiency, whether the material processing is in place, whether the coal briquet machine debugging is in the best state and so on. In the final stage of molding, the smooth release of briquette pellets also has a certain impact. What are the specific reasons that will affect the pressure ball machine demoulding it?

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1, the material is too wet, compared to everyone is easy to think that the moisture content of the material increases, the viscosity is also increased, so when the roller briquettes socket, due to the adhesion becomes larger, so it is easy for the briquettes socket Adhesion occurs. Therefore, it is not easy to fall off after molding. So proper moisture is very important.

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2. The type and proportion of binders are not suitable. The binder plays an important role in the formation of pulverized coal. Different types of binders, such as organic and inorganic, have different characteristics. The other is added. If more, it is also easy to cause mold release problems.

3, the shape of the briquettes socket, the manufacturers of the briquettes press machine equipment briquette socket shape is based on years of production experience, the selection type is also relatively rich, but some users in the custom production of the required shape itself is not very conducive to The shedding of the material. To take an inappropriate example, if the shape of the ball socket is triangular, what can be imagined?

4, the depth of the ball socket, this needless to say, the shallower the ball socket, the easier it is to demold, so the depth is also one of the influencing factors. The user must listen to the manufacturer's recommendations when customizing the production of ball presses and other ball equipment, and choose within a reasonable range.

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