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Equipment List For Biomass Materials To Make Briquettes/pellet
Oct 26, 2016

Equipment List for Biomass Materials to Make briquettes/pellet


Biomass briquettes/pellet is known as a new kinds of fuel, by advantage of less pollution and ash, are widely welcomed and recommended and encouraged by allover world government. Most importantly, the raw materials of biomass briquettes/pellet is full of farm, which are considered to be the waste materials to be fired. Such as rice husk, shavings,wood, branch, wood shavings, peanut shells, sunflower husk, sugar residue, lees, bagasse, coconut shell, coffee grounds, corrugated carton, straw, sawdust, cotton stalk, tobacco waste, mustard stalk, jute waste, bamboo dust, tea waste, wheat stalk, palm fruit shell, soybean bran, rice husk, and other forestry or agricultural wastes.


What is the final briquettes we can get from these waste materials? The answer will be surprised to you, pls check the following picture first:


And where can be used for these briquettes/pellet? Fireplace, boiler,civil fuel for cooking, power plant and steel plant also, briquettes can be further carbonized to be charcoal briquettes to replace the nature charcoal with less cost! 


How to get these briquettes/pellet from waste biomass materials? Let me introduce the flow chart and and necessary equipment to you!


First Stage; Raw materials collect and crusher.  There are two kinds of crusher for you reference;


Hammer   mill

Grinder   mill

Chipper Machine

Power:7.5KW(electric   motor)


It's   used for cutting large pieces of material around 30mm into smaller pieces of 2-5mm, making the material suitable for briquetting or pelletizing


Power:   90kw +15kw

Capacity:2000-2500 kg/h

The   hammer mill is for grinding the wood chips be powder of 3-5mm, which is right   size for briquetting or pelletizing. It's suitable for raw material with   diameter not more than 50mm and 10%-25% moisture content.



Raw material Max. diameter(mm) :160-450mm;

Final size(cm):30-40mm;

The drum chippers are used for cutting logs, branches, slab,   waste veneer, bamboo, cotton stalks, and other non-wood fiber stems into   dimensional chips which are the essential material for the production of   particle board, fiber board, and paper pulp.




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