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DAYANG Tells You About Several Energy-saving Measures For The Motor Of Coal Briquetting Equipment
Nov 26, 2018

DAYANG tells you about several energy-saving measures for the motor of coal briquetting equipment

ZHENGZHOU DAYANG BRIQUETTE MACHINERY CO.,LTD is a professional manufacturer of briquette equipment. It is a leader in briquette production equipment. It is quite competitive in the industry. Welcome to inspect and purchase. Let DAYANG BRIQUETTE MACHINERY explains several energy-saving measures for the motor of coal briquetting equipment:

1. Newly purchased briquette equipment should first consider the selection of high-efficiency energy-saving motors, and then consider other performance indicators as needed to save energy.

2. The efficiency of the motor of the progressive coal equipment itself, such as changing the motor self-cooling fan to its cooling fan, can disable the cooling fan control project when the load is small or the outdoor motor is in winter, which is beneficial to reduce energy consumption.

3. The stator winding is changed into a star-delta hybrid series winding, and the star-connected or delta-connected method according to the load is lightly and heavyly converted, which is beneficial to improve the magnetomotive force waveform generated by the winding and reduce the working current of the winding, thereby achieving the purpose of high efficiency and energy saving. .

4. Adopt other continuous speed control modes. Such as the use of voltage regulator, variable pole electric motor, electromagnetic coupling speed controller, frequency control device.

5. Replace the "large horse-drawn car" motor. In addition to the extravagant power, the "large horse-drawn car" can easily cause equipment damage.

In addition, the use of the motor for the adjustment of coal briquettes can be used in a high-efficiency work area to achieve energy-saving purposes.

6. Fairly install parallel low-voltage capacitors for reactive power compensation, effectively improve power factor, reduce reactive power loss, and save energy.

7. The cross-section of the conductor from the joint to the energy meter and to the motor shall be sufficient to carry the current, and the conductor shall be shortened as much as possible to reduce the resistance of the conductor and reduce the loss.

The above measures can be adopted separately or in multiple times. In short, the necessary technical energy-saving measures for the motor of the briquette equipment are not only beneficial to the safe operation of the power grid, but also enable the user to reduce the electricity bill.

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