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Development And Prospect Of Chinese Drying Industry
Sep 24, 2016

Drying equipment in order to adapt to the development of modern agriculture is to develop key functional parts and dryer system, laying the Foundation for dryer product upgrades. Major development projects including dryer system and supporting products. Meet the priority needs of the customer, implement advanced dryer model engineering. Focus on the development of advanced dryer range were: fast, high quality drying machines.
Simple economical drying machine in the industry as a whole accounted for almost 70%, high profile dryer depends almost completely on imports, structural contradictions are still outstanding.
For this reason, drying equipment industry to speed through the industrial and product structures of large-scale restructuring in recent domestic dryer insufficient share of the domestic market from now rose from 30% to 50% per cent, domestic drying machine using their features more than 60%.
For dryer for internal, dryers mainly for technology development, but must have the for and not for technical improvements, technological transformation cannot be duplicated construction. Technology to improve dryer market capacity to respond quickly. The principle focus of specialization and cooperation, strengthening the advantage part, formed its own characteristics, and the advantages some advantages to expand market share.
In General, the breakthrough of drying equipment industry in the future will focus on: development of large, precision, high-speed dryer equipment and dryer system and feature change largely depend on imports of large-capacity and high-precision dryer status. Related enterprises through technological innovation, continuous development towards these directions.

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