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Four Factors That Determine The Strength Of Coal Briquettes
May 02, 2018

Four factors that determine the strength of coal briquettes

Pressure coal briquettes strength is a problem for many users because the briquettes pressed by thecoal briquette machine/roller briquette machine need to be transported several times before they can be used. If the strength of the briquettes is not sufficient, briquettes breakage will inevitably occur during transportation. The briquettes pressed by the ball press only reach a certain strength, ie, hardness, and the briquettes will not be broken during transportation. Therefore, the high balling rate of the ball presser and the strength of the pellets are required to be the true briquetting rate.

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The briquette strength of the inevitably is not high enough to analyze from the following aspects:

1. Material moisture and equipment pressure: Add appropriate amount of water in the material. If the material is insufficient in moisture, when the pressure is certain, the dense briquettes that are not needed can not be combined firmly. If the moisture content of the material is too large, the concentration of the initial stage can be easily performed. However, the moisture that is not compressible and the moisture that is not discharged will hinder the contact between the particles, which affects the decrease of the adhesive force of the molecules between the particles. The pressure of the ball and the relationship between the moisture of the material and the strength of the green ball. Under the different pressures, there is the most suitable moisture value. Under the most suitable moisture conditions, the pellet strength is the highest.

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2. The particle size of the material should be uniform: the particle size of the material also has a lot of impact on the briquettes. If the material is too small, the density of the briquettes is too small, and the particle size is too large to suppress the movement and deformation. It is difficult to suppress the pellets. The best material size should be fine-grained, and then add a certain number of coarse particles to make coarse aggregates act as aggregates. The particle sizes of the materials blended in this way are different, which facilitates the filling of small particles into the pores between the large particles so as to achieve close arrangement, and increase the density and strength of the pellets.

3. The appropriate amount of adhesive is added: The adhesive of the material is quantitatively put into the material through the adhesive adding device. The adhesive adding device is equipped with stirring and heating equipment. When it is working, the stirring and heating equipment is started and the adhesive is activated. Heated to 50 ~ 60 °C after constant temperature. We have shown through experiments that the balling rate and pellet strength of dry powder binders are much higher than those using organic binders.

4, the above three kinds of mixing time: Mixing time is one of the factors that affect the strength of the briquettes, if the mixture is too short when the concentrate and pulverized coal cannot be evenly mixed, and the binder and the material contact time is short. Can not fully infiltrate, making the ball into a poor effect. For this case, our improvement plan is to change the horizontal mixer to a planetary wheel mixer (commonly referred to as a roller mixer). The use of a roller mixer can extend the mixing time to 6 to 10 minutes, and it can be obtained on wheels. Under the effect of rolling, the large particles in the return material (bearing ball and drying process, reusable) are crushed, will not affect the pressure ball machine work, the return material has been fully recycled.


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