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DAYANG BRIQUETTE MACHINERY Questions And Answers About The Binder In The Production Of Briquettes Press
Apr 06, 2017

DAYANG BRIQUETTE MACHINERY Questions and answers about the binder in the production of briquettes press

1, the effect of composite binder on material forming.

Answer: compound binder is a kind of colloidal state solution, which is made up of many kinds of water soluble solid powder. With the help of material particles in the binder fluidity, wettability under the action of external force, connecting the mesh structure after proper drying to produce strong cohesion, the material after the lime powder ball pressure machine processed into high strength briquettes.

5tph coal briquettes plant

2, the type of binder on the impact of material forming.

A: there are models, models and composite types are common types of binder. The binder can improve the cold strength of briquette, but can not guarantee the thermal strength of briquette. Although the binder is not good, it can improve the thermal strength and ash melting point. Based on the advantages and disadvantages of organic and inorganic, most of the new types of binders are complex, which contains two kinds of organic and inorganic materials.

25tph coal briquettes unite25tph coal briquettes plant

3, the amount of binder on the material forming and effect.

Answer: how much is the right amount of binder? The addition of binder should be based on the different properties of the materials and the different types of binder. For example, some of its own binding properties of some materials, can be less or no binder. Generally speaking, the more the binder is added to the material, the higher the strength of the product is. However, from the actual application and production costs, in the premise of ensuring the quality of the product, the less the amount of binder, the better the efficiency of the enterprise.

coal briquettes dryer

4, the use of binder requirements

A: (1) the binder should have the characteristics of easy diffusion and good fluidity, and the raw material quality of the binder is relatively stable;

  (2) the manufacturing cost of binder is low and stable;

  (3) the preparation process of binder is simple;

  (4) the binder ash should not be too high;

  (5) the binder should not produce two pollution;

  (6) the performance of the binder does not affect the use of the product.

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