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Coal Briquetting Plant for Sale
Dec 09, 2016

Coal Briquette Machine relative technical guidance

Coal/Charcoal Briquette Machine Structure:
1.Feeding part, this part main used to realize quantitative feeding to make sure materian uniform feeding between the rollers. Skillful operation technology is the most important terms to ensure briquette machine normal working.
2.Driving part, this part system: motor--V-belt--reductor--open type gear--roller. Main machine by electromagnetic speed adjust motor provide power, through pulley, cylindrical gear reducer, through rod pins coupler driving to main shaft.
3.Forming part, mainly referring to main machine part, core part is roller. The machine can according briquetting density requires to adjust pressure, flexible working.Coal briquette machine output briquettes with features of high heating value, high hardness, fire-resistant and can be stored for a long time.

Different briquette machine with different production capacity, of course, also with different cost. User should familiar with coal briquette machine equipment working process and operation process, checking whether pressing and forming part with enough pressure or not, match with mixer and feeder effectively working, according briquetting ratio condition control production process.


After coal briquette machine pressure achieved standard then feeding, after briquette machine working about 3-5minutes then feeding, material after 20-30 seconds mixing then press. During briquette machine press material process, you must make sure the added enough raw materials and good control the working pressure and coal briquettes forming factors. Through suitable adjust briquette machine pressing technical parameter to make sure coal briquette machine smoothly working. During the machine working process, you should pay attention to the machine normal working and exactly batching adjustment. After briquette machine finished working, you should clean the matched mixer and each auxiliary equipment, then close all valves. Ensureance the machine without damage then by technical staff maintenance and troubleshooting and make sure the machine with excellent working process. 

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