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The rise of briquette equipment and some national policies
Jan 15, 2019

The rise of briquette equipment and some national policies

?The rise of briquette equipment and some national policies, the price of briquette is compared with the price of raw coal, in short. Regardless of local conversion or long-distance sales, the price of briquette is 2-3 times the price of raw materials (powder coal), and the place where the economy is still underdeveloped undoubtedly increases the burden on users. Therefore, from the perspective of environmental protection, briquette should be promoted in large and medium-sized cities with dense population and relatively developed economy, and given policy support. From the policy encouragement, funding support for the development of coal-fired equipment burners. For example, the development and production of boilers for burning coal, the demonstration of gas production of 100% gas-forming coal, and the reasonable process parameters of coal-making gas for the requirements of gas-making briquettes, and the development of national standards; It is policy to encourage the production of gas-making briquette from anthracite coal to solve the problem of large backlog of anthracite. For example, Jincheng City, Shanxi Province, exempts 20 yuan energy fund, 10 yuan production subsidy and 5 yuan special maintenance fee, which greatly promotes the development of gas-free briquette production of anthracite. The comprehensive utilization has played a positive role in promoting. Its production purpose is to make profits, from the coal producers. That is, the ex-factory price of briquette must be higher than the total cost of briquette production, otherwise it will cause losses and stop production. The interest on briquette production is generally composed of the production cost of raw materials (including coal price, binder price) (including workers' wages, electricity, water, equipment depreciation, etc.) and management fees. For different manufacturers, production There is basically no difference between the cost and the management fee. Therefore, the cost of briquette is determined by the price of raw materials, that is, the price of coal and the price of binder. Different coal types, coal quality, different binders, different interest rates of coal briquettes, different product quality, resulting in different market competitiveness and economic benefits of the products, so the production of coal briquettes should be adapted to local conditions, and should not be rushed. In addition to meeting environmental requirements, briquette is used for combustion. Performance requires high calorific value and is easy to burn. Gas-producing users require high-fixed carbon content and large gas production. Therefore, the raw material has high ash content and high binder ash. The briquette with low fixed carbon content of coal briquettes is not competitive in the market and therefore has no benefit.


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