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The Knowledge Needed To Master During The Production Line Of Briquette Press Machine
Sep 04, 2017

The Knowledge Needed to Master During the Production Line of Briquette Press Machine

Following Briquette Press Machinetechnology development of science, but also with the common progress of industrial, a variety of coal briquette machine equipment at present also rose to a very high and advanced level. Although the coal briquette machinehas been doing a good quality, briquette press machine  production technology also basically reached the international level. However, there are still many users can not be a good use of coal briquette machine. Today, ZHENGZHOU DAYANG BRIQUETTE MACHIENRY CO., LTD, we introduce briquette plants need to understand the knowledge.

If the coal briquette press machine can not be a good way to suppress the formation of coal, the main reason is that there is no good choice of raw materials. Coal briquette machineon the choice of raw materials is very important, if the choice of raw materials is relatively uniform, the amount of material has a good grasp, then, will be able to maintain the stability of the coal briquettes production, the material can be a good way to suppress the qualified Pellet. Also, the addition of the briquette press machine material binder is also very important. In the coal briquettes equipment to produce money, users need to conduct an analysis of the material, industrial analysis, to confirm the coal, cinder on the fuel briquette restrictive factors, so as to ensure the strength of briquette moderate to ensure that coal indicators and coal particle size The applicability.

ZHENGZHOU DAYANG BRIQUETTE MACHINERY CO. LTD professional manufacturer, optimized the design of briquette press machine structure, so that coal can improve the combustion value. Pulp is pressed into briquettes, the most critical is to increase the gap between each other, in the combustion can be more fully in contact with the air, so the combustion efficiency greatly improved. Because of the above advantages, the processed briquettes and lump coal market value is much higher than the coal powder. Various coal briquetting machine equipment, briquette equipment research and development so that more business and user benefits. And more in line with the current energy and environmental requirements, the strong support of national policy is to promote the development of coal briquettes equipment.

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