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Coal Briquette Production Lines Misunderstanding
May 24, 2018

Users' Misunderstandings in Coal Briquette Production Lines

Coal Briquette Production Lines is the core equipment for briquette production, and it is also the first choice for many industrial briquette production enterprises. The high output, good molding effect, and promote the popularization of briquette products.

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The coal briquetting machine that the customer has just bought back needs to adjust some parameters of the machine, such as the size of the pressure, the roll gap, etc., depending on the nature of the material. The purpose of this practice is to ensure an ideal briquettes making effect. However, we have also found that some users have experienced some unpredictable situations during this process. On the whole, there is an excessive situation in the setting and adjustment of certain aspects. The following DAYANG BRIQUETTE MACHINERY offers some examples.

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The tighter of belt is the better. The belt in the briquette production line is one of the main forms in the transmission system. If the belt is too loose, it will certainly not work. In the concept of consciousness, it is generally believed that the tighter the better, the stronger the motivation. In actual fact, too tight belts are likely to break. So the tightness is right and the tighter the better.

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The smaller the gap between the two sticks, the better. The roller is the core part of the ball press molding. If the gap is too wide, the pressure on the material will be reduced and the molding strength will be reduced. But the smaller the gap, the better? A small gap may cause the ball press to fail to operate properly.

briquette press[1].jpg

There are other similar situations. There is no more enumeration here. Therefore, it is recommended that users in the use and debugging Coal Briquette Production Lines, it is best to follow the advice and instructions provided by the manufacturer to avoid blindly carry out the problems.

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