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Coal Briquette Production Analyze
May 24, 2018

Effect of Advantages and Disadvantages of Binder in Coal Briquette Production

Whether it is coal briquettes or screw coal briquettes and other types of briquette equipment, adding a certain amount of adhesive to the material handling process is basically a common recognition of each user. The role of adhesives is to increase the cohesion between the materials, the ultimate goal is to enhance the molding effect and improve the use of briquettes. The specific role and advantages have been discussed many times in previous articles, so here is no longer to go into details. Is there any disadvantage to using briquette adhesives? The answer is yes.

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The carbon content of briquette products was reduced, and the decrease in carbon content was mainly reflected in the performance of the later period in the process. In particular, some types of adhesives are more pronounced. Such as cement, lime, clay and other inorganic adhesives.

To increase the production cost of coal briquettes, as with coal rod machines, coal briquette presses must also consider production costs when pressing coal powder. In general, the price of binder is higher than that of pulverized coal. Although the amount used is not large, it will also increase the cost of briquette, especially some of the more expensive types of binders.

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As the coal briquetting process becomes more complex, we know that the more complex the work is, the more time-consuming and labor-intensive it is, and it is also prone to problems. Whether the proportion of binder is added or whether it is fully mixed with pulverized coal or the like is more complicated than direct pressing.

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Of course, under the current conditions of coal briquette technology, binder molding is still the mainstream trend, and will not be shaken for a long period of time. The limitation of the binderless coal forming technology is still relatively large. , such as the type of coal powder requirements. However, adhesiveless molding is also a direction of future technological development.


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