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Coal Briquette Press Machine Bring Light And Warmin To You In Winter
Mar 05, 2017

Coal Briquette Press Machine bring light and warmin to you in winter

It is well known that the quality of living energy (mainly refers to cooking, heating, lighting and 

home appliances) directly affects the improvement of people's living standard, is an important part 

of the well-off goal. Since the reform and opening up, China's urban gas rate, central heating rate 

and electricity consumption grew rapidly, urban and rural people living energy quality improved 

significantly, but China's urban life and energy use of coal still accounted for 61%, 60% Firewood, 

straw. By the end of 1996, there were only 12 provinces, municipalities directly under the central 

government and autonomous regions, and there were 60 million people without electricity, which 

seriously affected the process of modernization in our country. There is not strong national 

strength, the reasons for the development of regional imbalances, but also for a long time to 

produce light life caused by excessive debt reasons; more important is due to the guiding ideology 

on anxious, blind and optimistic, , The results do not reach the speed. Such as the use of oil 

policy with the oil on behalf of the coal with oil lessons. Improve the quality of life to take the 

quality of gasification, gasification, centralized heating, electrification of the road is our 

established goal. But when to achieve, how to achieve the goal of this relationship to the tens of 

thousands of households, should be like "rice bags", "vegetable basket" as a result of our attention.

We only face up to the gap, all from our country's national conditions, according to local 

conditions, take the road with energy-type coalification, is to gradually improve the quality of 

urban and rural life an important way.

Coal Briquette Press Machine is accompanied by the widespread use of briquette and people 

increasingly demanding the environment, briquette press machine with briquette has been widely 


The Coa Briquette Press Machine is a ball making device which can continuously send all kinds of 

dry and wet powder to the roll nip through the preloading device, and press the dry and wet powder 

under the pressure of the roll nip Into the briquettes. Mainly used for coal, mining, metallurgy, 

refractories, building materials and other industries.

ZHEGNZHOU DAYANG BRIQUETTE MACHINERY CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer of Coa Briquette 

Press Machine and Complete Coal Briquettes Plant products. Since its establishment in many years, 

enterprises have been updating equipment, improving production technology, paying attention to 

pressure technology research and development, and constantly developing new pressure ball Equipment

products, the introduction of high-tech briquette equipment equipment testing equipment, 

according to the composition of materials and adhesive components for analysis, experiment, ratio. 

And with the research institutions multi-level cooperation experiments, the formation of the 

process design, equipment development, adhesive technology, briquette application guidance and 

other aspects of the characteristics of technology.

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