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Coal Briquette Machine Rollers Materials Technolog And Advantage
Jun 14, 2017

Coal Briquette Machine Rollers Materials Technolog and Advantage

coal briquette machine is the key equipment in the production of briquette machinery, and the impact of molding machine operating efficiency of the key components is the pressure rollers, the roller in the coal briquettes  machine occupies such an important position, the material performance to a large extent determined Pressure ball machine equipment quality and efficiency of the level of work efficiency.

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Customers in the purchase, we must pay more attention to briquette press machine roller material, processing technology, fit and other related matters to ensure the quality of the machine, effectively reduce equipment costs and improve production line profits and benefits. In the process of heating, the austenite grains formed in the heating process are small, and the crystal products of the cooling products are small in grain size, and their strength, hardness, plasticity and toughness are better. If the grains are coarse, the crystal products , Strength, plasticity is poor, especially the impact toughness significantly reduced.

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Most of the briquette pressure roller machine manufacturers use a roll of 65 manganese, the other is forging 9 chromium 2 molybdenum. 65 manganese roller skin is carried out after carburizing treatment, the carburizing heat treatment, the roller to increase wear, alternating contact stress and impact load, roll surface hardness, wear resistance, and contact fatigue strength, corrosion resistance Greatly improved. In the carburizing process, the use of several different carburizing capacity of the liquid, by changing the droplets to adjust the carbon potential. Followed by annealing, the tissue is deviated from the equilibrium state of the roll to the appropriate temperature, heat for a period of time, and then slowly cooled to meet the requirements of close to the organization.

Forging 9 Chromium 2 molybdenum roller skin is quenched to complete, through the quenching and tempering roller skin to obtain good mechanical properties, improve the physical and chemical properties of steel. The process is to heat the roll to Ac3 or Acm above the appropriate temperature, the appropriate time after the insulation in the air to get pearlite-like heat treatment process. Purpose: to obtain a certain hardness, refinement of grain, get a more uniform organization and performance. Role: to eliminate a processing defects, to provide the appropriate state of the organization or get the appropriate mechanical properties. After the quenching of the powder pressure roller machine roll generally have to be tempered to reduce or eliminate the quenching stress, improve toughness and plasticity, access to hardness, strength, plasticity and toughness with the appropriate to meet some of the performance requirements of the roll.

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ZHENGZHOU DAYANG BRIQUETTE MACHINERY CO., LTD, who is professional at coal/charcoal/mineral powder briquette press machine and coal/charcoal/mineral briquettes plant designing and manufacturer more than 20 years, service for hunderds of briquettes machine and briquettes plants customers from domestic and abroad! After thousands of redesigning & updating and hundreds of customers test, we are glad to recommend our key technology connect rollers for press machine and chain plate dryer. Connection rollers for briquette press is greatly short the time to change the rollers and save much cost on rollers; New Designing Chain Plate Dryer is famous for its large production capacity upto 25-30tph, less briquettes damage, and strong drying ability final briquettes moisture content less than 5%!

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