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Six Factors Restrict The Development Of Coal Briquetting Equipment
Dec 13, 2018

Six factors restrict the development of coal briquetting equipment

As far as the development of briquette equipment is concerned, the briquette ball press is very marketable, but some factors still restrict the development of briquette equipment. In the end, what factors restrict the development of this type of coal pressure ball machine? Let DAYANG BRIQUETTE MACHINERY tell you below!

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?One of the gaps: product technical standards In recent years, China's briquette technology has made great progress. Technical standards are the embodiment of product technology. China's current technical standards for briquette equipment products are generally lower than the technical standards of international similar products. High-level product technical standards can promote the design level, manufacturing process level, product technology level, and improve product reliability.

The second gap: core technology Taking the ball press of coal briquetting equipment as an example, roll material and hydraulic technology have been difficult.

The third gap: the product life is short and the reliability is poor. The most typical is that the pressure ball machine material is not very good, and there is still a big gap with foreign new national products.

The fourth gap: product manufacturing process also needs to be improved in the product manufacturing process.

The fifth gap: product design theory Although China's coal-fired equipment has made some developments, most of them are imitating the introduction of foreign technology, which is lacking in product mechanism and design theory.

The sixth gap: process research DAYANG BRIQUETTE MACHINERY is a professional supplier of briquette equipment, the main equipment covers: a variety of pressure ball machine, drum dryer, vertical dryer and other complete equipment, to undertake a variety of pressure ball machine production line Turnkey projects.

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