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Chain Plate Dryer Technical Advantage Belt Dryer Chain Plate Dryer Briquettes Dryer
Mar 23, 2017

Technical Advantage for Chain Plate Dryer

Chain plate dryer and mesh belt dryer & vertical dryer, are the drying equipment in market assembled with briquette machine now,which we can manufacturer all of them! But we storangly recommend the chain plate dryer compared with other two kinds of dryer because of chain plate dryers’ excellent drying result and extend service life!


1, Higher Drying Efficiency;

Traditional mesh belt dryer, the briquettes will following the mesh belt running and fall down to the second layer at the end of first layer and then to the third layer until discharged out the dryer. But now, chain plate dryer is greatly changed! The briquettes will not fall down to the second layer at the end of first layer, they will fall down to the middle space of first layer which is existing in mesh belt dryer and chain plate dryer. Which is means the same length inside dryer can load and drying double times briquettes by one cycle running. Take 20.5 meters and 3 layers mesh belt dryer as sample, total drying length only 61.5 meters, but as for chain plate dryer, that will be 123 meters. Which means,drying speed can be faster by request same drying time!

chain plate dryer



mesh belt dryer



2, Less Space Request;

Because of reasonable effectively utilized middle space in each layer, we can choose the shorter (small) size dryer by same drying production capacity! Most importantly, investor can save much money in the space and cost for dryer;


3,Less Final Briquettes Damage Rate;

The chain plate we designed is new kinds of chain plate, which is only 180mm small plate for each section! Meanwhile, the middle space in each layer is only 200mm! The chain plate will follow the channel running, at same time the briquettes will slide to other layer slowly, but not throw to other layer. The briquettes are protected well during the drying process!


Compared with mesh belt dryer, two layer height more than 350mm, some of briquettes will be broken little during the first layer to second layer; Height for vertical dryer is more than 7.5meters, many briquettes will be broken during to feed the briquettes into dryer!


4,Running Stability and Less Spare Parts;

Chain plate is custom-made by steel plate, which is strong enough to support the weight of briquettes and tiny shaped changed during the full loading briquettes and drying process. Meanwhile, the chain plate will run following the channel welding in the structure inside the dryer, running resistance is very less and power request is also small;

So the customers are no need to worry about the spare parts cost!

chain plate

5, Automatic dust cleaning device.

One simple chain plate are assembled at the bottom of bottom of dryer, which is used to collect and discharge the dust generated during the drying process! No need extra work to clean the dust at the bottom of dryer, which clean the fire accident risk also!


Notes: we not change the chain plate for dryer, we also re-design the hot air route and moisture out route for dryer, which greatly improved the dryer drying ability!


chain plate dryerfans

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