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The Effect Of The Size Of The Final Briquettes On The Later Application
Oct 24, 2018

The effect of the size of the final briquettes on the later application

For the ball size problem of the ball press, this can be controlled, not fixed, but generally the domestic use is basically the same pressure ball size, generally a diameter of 8cm flat spherical ball, for the ball machine two The roll is press-formed, so the ball size of the ball press is mainly determined by the roll. The size of the roll determines the size of the ball after press forming. Therefore, it is only necessary to use different rolls for the size of the ball.

360 press machine 3

In addition, the shape of the ball press pellets can also be replaced. The more common ones are round and square and rectangular. This can be controlled by the roll model.

360 press machine 2

The press-formed finished product of the ball press machine is mainly used for drying or smelting and transportation after drying by the dryer. Different shapes and sizes will also affect the use effect. The shape and size of the pellets used in different industries are also different. Generally speaking, the most widely used and most commonly used round spherical ball pellets can have a better ball pressing effect and the largest finished product area after ball pressing, which is beneficial to use.


For the price model of the ball press, the larger the roller of the ball press, the larger the roll size directly affects the throughput. Therefore, the larger the press roll, the higher the output, and the higher the cost of the equipment. For the size of the pressed pellets, we can carry out according to industry standards. The size and shape of the general roller pockets are the common ones. If there are special application requirements, the user can customize the size of the pellets to the manufacturer. size.


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