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Briquettes Shape, Size And Weight From Briquette Machine
Apr 17, 2018

Briquettes Shape, Size and Weight from Briquette Machine

Briquette machine is mainly used to pulverized coal, coke, coal slurry, medium coal, coking coal, coke powder,and metallurgical powder cold-pressed pellets and other powdered materials into briquettes as request. It can produce special shapes such as square shape, ball shape, oval shape, goose egg shape, perfect circle shape, column shape, bar shape, bread shape and pillow shape.

 final products[1].jpg

Briquette shape and size will also have some effect on its strength. As for the application of the more common briquettes, there are dozens of eggs, pillows, ellipses, cylinders, pies, cages, concaves, and mosaics. Due to the limitations of processing machinery, China currently uses more ostrich briquettes, followed by pillow-shaped briquettes. The shape of the briquettes requires that the curves be smooth and the edges should be as small as possible to improve their wear resistance. In addition, it is also required that the briquettes have uniform internal stresses and can withstand relatively large external pressures evenly.

 400 briquette press.jpg

As for the size of the briquettes, the larger briquettes will lose less in the process of transportation. If the briquettes are broken, the size of the briquettes will be correspondingly larger. However, if the briquettes are too large, it is not easy to compact and must be used to a higher level. The carbon conversion rate is also more difficult. The smaller coal briquettes are easily filled with coal during the pressing process, which helps to increase the forming pressure and the strength of the briquettes. However, if the briquettes are too small, the flying briquettes will lose more in the process of dumping, and the size of the briquettes will be smaller. The commonly used oval (ie, ellipsoidal) briquettes measure 50 mm by 40 mm by 30 mm and weighs approximately 60 g. The pillow-shaped briquettes measure 60 mm by 60 mm by 50 mm and weigh approximately 140 g.

charcoal briquettes 1.jpg conew_conew_pillow shape briquettes.jpg

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