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How Can I Reduce The Roll Wearing Rate Of The Briquette Press Machine?
Sep 29, 2017

How can I reduce the roll wearing rate of the briquette press machine?

Roller as a briquette press machine core components, a direct impact on the briquettes press machine efficiency and service life, maintenance and maintenance of briquettes press machine roll skin, in order to make coal briquettes machine better play its value, for you to create more the profit.

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How can I reduce the roll wear rate of the briquettes press?

First, the hardness of the material and the hardness of the parts will affect the briquettes press machine wear. Such as the hardness of the material is too high, will lead to increased wear rate, this time to improve the hardness of parts can reduce wear and tear. If the hardness of the material is slightly lower than the hardness of the part, the wear is small, the hardness difference between the two is reduced, the wear is also reduced. Therefore, the use of surface strengthening method to briquette press machine and other parts of the hardness of the material to meet or exceed the hardness of the material, can improve the wear resistance of parts and coal briquette machine production capacity, but the high hardness of the material will decline toughness, One of the shortcomings.

Second, the material angular sharp, sliding on the friction surface of the surface cutting than the sliding material strength, so the high wear rate. When the material is blunt, the wear rate decreases, if the material is ground, the wear rate will increase.

Third, the more dry material, the wear rate is proportional to the pressure. For metal parts such as metal powder presses made with the same material, the pressure is reduced by half and the life span is doubled. As the pressure decreases, the depth of the material is reduced, and the force acting on the surface is reduced, so the rate of wear will drop.

The results show that the wear of the ball press increases with the increase of the size and size of the material. When the particle size is larger than that of the material, the size of the material is larger than that of the material. For the critical size), the wear rate will remain the same.


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