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Briquettes Machine Have Different Kinds Of Name, What Is The Difference Between Them In The End?
Nov 18, 2017

Briquettes machine have different kinds of name, what is the difference between them in the end?

We search the Internet briquettes machine opportunity to find a wide range of coal briquettes press machine, press briquettes machine, powder briquettes machine, coke powder briquettes press machine, gypsum pressure ball machine, lime powder briquettes machine, briquette machine and so on.

dry powder briquette machine.jpg custom-made color press machine.jpg

In fact, these are just for the convenience of users search, according to the raw materials for briquettes press machine name. If you press the briquettes machine raw material moisture content can be divided into wet powder press briquettes machine and dry powder briquettes press machine.

brown coal briquette making machine.jpg coal powder briquette machine.jpg

Wet powder press briquettes machine include: coal briquettes press machine, coke powder briquettes press machine,briquette press machine metallurgy ore, nickel laterite pressure ball machine and other moisture-containing materials.

high pressure briquette machine 1.jpg high pressure briquettes machine.jpg

Dry powder briquettes press machine, including: lime powder briquettes press machine, magnesium powder briquettes press machine, dust briquettes press machine, aluminum powder briquettes press machine does not allow moisture content of the material.

coal briquettes plant flow chart.jpg

Now, you should have a broad understanding of these various names of the briquettes machine, want to know more and more knowledge of the briquettes press machine welcome to Email: zzdybriquette@163.com

ZHENGZHOU DAYANG BRIQUETTE MACHINERY CO., LTD, who is professional at coal/charcoal/mineral powder briquette press machine and coal/charcoal/mineral briquettes plant designing and manufacturer more than 20 years, service for hunderds of briquettes machine and briquettes plants customers from domestic and abroad! After thousands of redesigning & updating and hundreds of customers test, we are glad to recommend our key technology connect rollers for press machine and chain plate dryer. Connection rollers for briquette press is greatly short the time to change the rollers and save much cost on rollers; New Designing Chain Plate Dryer is famous for its large production capacity upto 25-30tph, less briquettes damage, and strong drying ability final briquettes moisture content less than 5%!

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