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Briquettes Machine Block Coal Phenomenon Solution
Feb 23, 2017

Briquettes machine card coal phenomenon solution

Briquettes punching card coal reasons: coal is too dry; clay is too sticky, uneven mixing. Briquettes punching card coal solution: pulverized coal water content appropriate, before working water or oil lubrication needle; clay and coal powder mixing evenly. Briquettes winter maintenance and maintenance tips: (1) winter as the coldest time of the year, the weather is cold, the temperature is low, more or less to affect the briquettes machine production and use. For example, some of the briquettes need to lubricate parts due to the impact of low temperature, easy to solidify the lubricating oil, briquettes machine maintenance of the winter lubricant is the most important. At this time should be replaced with low temperature lubricants, the best choice of base oil viscosity, low condensation point of the oil. (2) When the temperature is low, the gap between the moving parts tends to shrink with the decrease of the temperature due to the effect of thermal expansion and contraction. Therefore, the parts are more likely to wear in the winter. (3) a variety of lubricant products in the case of low temperature is easy to thicken, reduced mobility, and in the case of low temperature heating lubricant to reach the need for lubrication of the time to increase, while the equipment is not easy to start. So, if the choice of all kinds of improper lubricant, for the winter briquettes machine, is undoubtedly worse

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