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Briquettes Machine Bearing Long-term Stable Operation
May 10, 2018

How to ensure that the briquettes machine bearing long-term stable operation?

The bearing is the main part of the briquettes machine. The press roller is driven by the bearing, and the two pressure rollers are the key to the briquettes press molding. Therefore, the normal operation of the briquettes machine bearing is related to the output, in order to obtain more revenue, the first choice is to ensure that thebriquettes machine bearing is intact.

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However, bearing failures and minor problems can occur during long-term operation. So, how can we make the briquettes machine bearing work stably in the long-term operation, it has become the user's most concern. The following are the prerequisites for the stable operation of the pressure ball bearing:

Charcoal briquette plant:


Mineral Briquette press:


Biomass Briquette Plant:


Briquettes machine bearings should be reasonable when designing, and there should be no clearance when designing.

First of all, to empty the test, observe the bearing clearance when the empty test, it should be close to the assembly clearance, otherwise, the bearing may not be able to work.

Bearings use stiffened plates and variable point support methods, which can change the stress conditions to reduce the deformation of the stressed parts.

In the production process of the ball press, the bearing is not deviated from the track, which requires us to do precise design when designing. Bearings should not be too loose or too tight, if bearings are too loose, they can easily deviate from the track. If the bearing is too tight, it will cause the pressed ball socket to be irregular and the ball will not shape.

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