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Briquette Press Machine And Its Supporting Equipment Of The Whole Process Of Commissimioning
Mar 13, 2017

Briquette Press machine and its supporting equipment of the whole process of commissimioning

ZHENGZHOU DAYANG BRIQUETTE MACHINERY CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer of briquette press machine. More than 20 years, enterprises have been updating equipment, improving production technology, paying attention to pressure technology research and development, and constantly developing new briquette press equipment series , The introduction of high-tech briquette press equipment testing equipment, according to the composition of materials and adhesive components for analysis, experiment, ratio. And with the research institutions multi-level cooperation experiments, the formation of the process design, equipment development, adhesive technology, briquette application guidance and other aspects of the characteristics of technology.

briquetting machinecoal briquetting machinebriquette press

Briquette production line equipment is a complete set of pipeline equipment, the main processing and press equipment is the briquette press machine, so we must first understand the briquette press machine and its supporting equipment, the whole process of testing machine:

1. Full-time electrician to complete all kinds of electrical links. To ensure that the motor steering and briquette pree machine turn the same (forward) of the case, and then set the V-belt for air trial.

2. If the configuration of the encryption machine, adjust the steering of the encryption machine, to ensure that is forward, adjust the gap between the two rollers, know the film satisfaction.

3. Adjust the briquette press center machine docking conveyor belt, and then adjust the conveyor belt tightness, air machine test.

4. Adjust the briquette press ball machine steering, to ensure that is forward, observe the ball situation, can not stick roll is not stripping phenomenon. If the molding roll is to be polished, the method is repeated with a dry powder on a dull press until all of the mold is released.

5. First, the briquette press out of the briquettes after the natural dry, the briquette dryer drying tube filled (each drying cylinder about 30 tons) after the briquettes, began to send hot air to the drying oven About hours, when the furnace temperature rose to about 200 degrees, began by the briquette press machine through the conveyor to the dryer for the material, while opening the lower end of the dryer discharge gate began to release dry bulbs. The opening of the gate opening amount should be commensurate with the feed amount of the pressure ball machine. Observe the dry and wet conditions of the briquettes, if the dry results are not good, there are still wet bulbs should increase the amount of air supply, improve the furnace temperature, on the contrary, reduce the air volume, reduce the furnace temperature, until the best results as well.

6. The moisture content of raw materials shall not exceed 7%. The adjustment of the supply amount should be determined according to the situation of the briquettes. To the best intensity prevail.

coal briquetts plantcoal briquetts plant

ZHENGZHOU DAYANG BRIQUETTE MACHINERY CO., LTD has a practical experience of the technical team, improve the quality management and service system, according to the user needs to set up a complete set of related production lines, and provide free installation and commissioning services.


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