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Briquette Machine Rollers' Maintenance
Jun 14, 2017

Briquette Machine Rollers' maintenance

In the production of briquette press, the most easily damaged is the rolls' skin. In China's industrial application, no matter what kind of pressure ball machine, regardless of what the pressure of raw materials, pressure roller is the key components, the quality is good or bad, directly related to everything, related to economic costs, related to the normal production.

Briquetting press machine rollers' skin regular maintenance: roller guide pillar, guide sleeve and other parts of the relative movement should always be filled with lubricating oil, forging die, plastic mold, die-casting mold like the roll in each mold before Lubricants or molds should be sprayed onto the surface of the forming part. The planned maintenance of the roll and the maintenance of the data during the maintenance process can prevent the roll paper in the production of possible problems, but also improve the maintenance efficiency.

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First of all, the roll of the manufacturing process is to ensure the quality of an important part of the roller, roller manufacturing process in the processing methods and processing accuracy will also affect the service life of the roller. The accuracy of each component directly affects the overall assembly of the roller skin, remove the impact of the accuracy of the device itself, you need to improve the parts of the processing methods to improve the fitter in the process of roller skins in the technical level to improve the roller parts Of the processing accuracy; if the overall performance of the roller skin can not meet the requirements, will be in the test mode so that the roller in the abnormal state of the probability of action, the overall quality of the roller will have a great impact.

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Therefore, in order to ensure that the briquette press has a good original precision - the original roller quality, in the manufacturing process must first choose a reasonable high-precision processing methods, such as EDM, wire cutting, CNC machining, etc., The accuracy of the roller skins, including the processing accuracy of the roller parts, the accuracy of the assembly and the acceptance of the test work through the comprehensive inspection of the pressure of the ball pressure roller machine, in the inspection need to try to use high-precision measuring instruments, for those forming Surface roughness of the surface structure of the complex parts, if the ordinary ruler, the cursor card can not achieve accurate measurement data, then need to use a coordinate measuring instrument like precision measuring equipment, to ensure the accuracy of measurement data.

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