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DAYANG BRIQUETTE MACHINERY Equipment Ball Press In The Future Development
Dec 10, 2018

DAYANG BRIQUETTE MACHINERY equipment ball press in the future development

Promote the development of high-efficiency and harmonious progress, the briquette ball press equipment has been well improved and innovated in our wide range, with the advancement of energy, innovation in our market with future experiments, in the field of solidarity technology is very good The word-of-mouth market, at the same time, the new products that are launched in operation have been well industrialized, and have taken a very good career in the domestic development trend, changing all the principles in production technology, and innovating the cause in our fundamental technology for us. Economic development has a strong future performance. The briquette ball press is the main core equipment in the briquette production line. The quality of a coal briquetting machine directly affects the quality of the finished product. Then the user will first understand the structural characteristics of the briquetting press. What structure does the various briquetting presses belong to? What are the characteristics? The series of ball presses are decelerated by belts and reducers, and the two press rolls are relatively rolled by a pair of synchronous gears, and the compacted materials are demolded under the action of gravity and centrifugal force.

It has the following structure and features:

1. The roll skin is made of high-quality alloy steel forging blank, and the whole quenching treatment can achieve hardness above HRC60, high strength, good wear resistance and long service life.

2. The forming roller of the briquette ball press can be easily disassembled and replaced, and it can be disassembled and replaced on site for two to three hours, which is very convenient. One can avoid the problem of disassembly and repair after the roll skin is locked. Second, it can avoid the process of replacing the roll skin with the press to replace the roll skin by the manufacturer, saving the cost, saving the freight, saving labor and time.

3. Desulfurization gypsum pressure ball machine and briquette pressure ball machine, the dry powder pressure ball machine feed port adopts spiral pressure device, which can make the material evenly and evenly unloaded without blocking.

4. According to the user's requirements, the ball sockets of different specifications and shapes can be processed. The ball sockets have high smoothness after grinding and are easy to demould.

5. The feeding port is provided with an adjusting plate to adjust the feeding amount to ensure that the material forming compression ratio is controlled within a certain ratio range, the ball forming rate is as high as 96%, and the strength is high.

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