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Brief Introduction Of Equipment List For Briquette Press Production Line
Mar 14, 2017

Brief Introduction of Equipment List for Briquette Press Production Line

The process of material processing from raw materials to finished products needs to undergo different transformations, including crushing, screening, batching, mixing, pressing and conveying.

Overall, the main equipment type coal briquetting machine production line used with high crusher, belt conveyor, vibration sieve, mixer, briquette press machine etc. The main applicable and processes of these devices are as follows:

briquettes plant

A, storage: use a bulldozer or tipper truck into the belt conveyor in the pit, sent to the screening machine. Some areas using the roll conveyer or grilled machine will roll in the coal belt conveyor, conveying to the screening machine or blender.

B, vibrating screen: through the electromagnetic vibration effect, sieve out the bulk material, small particle input grinder, large particles into the crusher for crushing.

C, pulverizer: in addition to grinding coal, such as the use of loess as binder, but also at the 

same time the Loess into the crusher.

D, screening machine: the size of the raw material, return to the crusher again crushed.

E, batching machine: according to a certain different coal powder, add a certain amount of binder mixing, some lime binder, some with waste paper pulp. As with loess as adhesive, can be removed in this process.

F, mixing mixer: coal crushing mixing evenly.

G, boring material: some units set boring material process, and some directly from the belt conveyor, after magnetic separation, to the molding machine molding.

H, briquetting machine using briquette recovery conveyor coal briuetting machine before the return to the mixer, then the input press machine production line for molding.

I, can also be through drying: air dry, if you want to reach the fast drying effect can be used dry drying machine. In order to save your cost, if you lower the material drying to choose the best drying effect to natural drying.

briquettes dryer

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