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Binders Used To Coal/charcoal Briquettes Production Plant
Feb 21, 2017

Binders used to coal/charcoal briquettes plant


Binders, known as adhesive or agent, like glue, to make the coal/charcoal fines easy to pressed and strong enough after dried! There are two kinds of Binders are widely used for coal/charcoal briquettes plant: power binders and Liquid Binders! Detailed information as follows:


1, Powder Binders: STARCH

Corn starch is welcomed by coal/charcoal briquettes plant, because of good healthy enough! Corn starch will be feed into mixer by hopper with screw conveyor, which is easy to control the speed and control the quantity of starch! The starch and charcoal fines&water are mixed by double shaft mixer or wheel mill mixer or powder mixer well, and then conveyor to press machine to press briquettes!


As for quantity of starch, depends on your charcoal fines quality, drying way and your starch quality, there is no complete same recipe for different plant! Must test them before large production begin! Recommend quantity:10-20%, Moisture content: 30-40%!


Advantage of powder binders:

1, Less Cost compared with other binders;

2,No Damage for human after fired;

3, Easy to control the quantity;

4, Less effect on the calorific.


2, Liquid Binders: Chemical Binders and organic binders


Liquid Binders, need to mixed well with water and then feed into the mixer to mix with coal dust, which is widely used on coal briquettes plant because of some technical request, such as hard of briquettes after press and drying, mean while hard of after heating to high temperature, dust generate after fired in the furnace and so on.


Chemical Binders: Caustic Soda(NaOH), Bentonite, Sodium Humate mixed with hot water, and then feed into the mixer;

Organic Binders: Molasses, which is one kinds of by-proudct in process of sugar!


Two of above liquid binders is used for coal briquettes plant before, but because of cost and complex to make &difficult to control quantity,  liquid binders are given up by coal briquettes plant! On kinds of corn starch replace the liquid binders, widely welcomed by coal plant!


No matter any kinds of binders, the operate of plant must calculate the cost for binders. On the other hands, must control the drying way, which can effect the quantity of binders used for coal or charcoal pressing!


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