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Development Status And Application Trend Of Biomass Briquette Equipment
Jan 15, 2019

Development status and application trend of biomass briquette equipment

Biomass briquette equipment is a new product in DAYANG BRIQUETTE MACHINERY briquette equipment. It has the characteristics of general briquette, such as uniform particle size and good ventilation conditions during combustion. The following is the introduction of relevant knowledge: According to the laboratory measurement of a single biomass type coal equipment, it can be known that biomass type coal is easy to catch fire and burns fast; no smoke is emitted, sulfur can be fixed; combustion is sufficient, ash contains low carbon content and does not Slagging. These combustion characteristics improve the combustion performance of inferior coal, "bad coal becomes better coal", of course, making high-quality coal better burned, and correspondingly expanding the range of coal species adaptation. Adding wheat straw and rice straw to biomass type coal Organic materials such as straw and sawdust, such as sorghum stalk, reduce the ignition point of biomass coal. They burn completely more than coal, leaving voids after carbonization to increase air circulation and play a role of puffing and combustion. Moreover, the source of organic materials is widely available, which reduces the production cost of bio-type coal. Biomass briquette technology can also make efficient use of a large number of low-volatility coals that cannot be used for industrial combustion and whose civilian market is decreasing. Biomass type coal has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, low ash content, high sulfur fixation rate, wide source of biomass and low production cost. It can save energy and significantly reduce pollution to the atmosphere, and has comprehensive economic, environmental and social benefits. . Biomass briquette equipment technology to introduce the technical characteristics of high pressure molding biomass briquette. In the production of biomass coal, the raw coal, biomass and sulfur-fixing agent need to be pulverized to a certain particle size to be mixed, and drying and strict moisture detection and ratio control are required. At the same time, magnetic separation and screening are required. In this way, not only the production and configuration equipment of the briquette is increased, but also a large amount of hydroelectric steam and compressed air are consumed, thereby increasing the production cost. For example, the electricity consumption of a production line with an annual output of 30,000 tons of biomass coal is 530 kW, the water consumption is 5.0 t/h, and the gas consumption is 1.6 t.h. The amount of compressed air is 180Nm2/, if the industrial use is 0.5 yuan/kW?h, the photoelectric cost is one, the production cost of 1t biomass coal is 53 yuan, plus the other three consumption and sulfur-fixing agents, artificial The cost, 1t is only 40-50 yuan more expensive than the original coal, but the production cost is high and the company is unwilling to accept it, not to mention biomass briquette. In addition, industrially produced biomass coal still has some problems to be solved in terms of high temperature heat strength and sulfur fixation rate, water repellency and production cost. DAYANG BRIQUETTE MACHINERY is a professional manufacturer of briquette equipment. The briquette equipment produced by the company is deeply loved by the majority of users. Welcome to the love of the users. Welcome to our factory to negotiate and purchase.

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