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Airflow Dryer Operation Ruler
Feb 24, 2017

Airflow Dryer Operation Ruler

Check the equipment before the start of the control point, the mechanical transmission point with 

or without abnormal circumstances, steam, compressed air in place. Everything is ready to start.

Start-up sequence: Turn on the control power supply - open the fan (start the fan start) - 

turn on the blower - turn on the steam valve - the air temperature rises above 120 ℃, the outlet

 temperature rises above 100 ℃, Machine, open the feeder governor power supply, slowly adjust the governor speed knob.

Adjust the speed determined by the outlet temperature, the outlet temperature is generally controlled at 60 ℃ - 70 ℃. The outlet temperature is high, the feeding speed can be appropriately accelerated, the outlet temperature is low, the feeding speed is appropriately slowed down. The outlet temperature can be changed in the actual production through the final moisture of the product - open the dust injection switch, start the machine

airflow dryer

Shutdown sequence:

First turn off the feeder - allow the device to run for 5 minutes (depending on the presence or 

absence of material in the device airflow) Close the steam valve - turn off the blower - turn off 

the draft fan - leave the unloader in the equipment - - so that dust injection and then continue 

to spray for half an hour or so,

And then turn off the blowout switch - turn off the power of the control cabinet. And then clean 

up the scene.


1, the production process to pay attention to the level of steam pressure, the inlet temperature 

can not be less than 130 ℃;

2, the outlet temperature if reduced, to slow the feeding speed;

3, dust with the compressed air pressure is not less than 0.5Mp, the production process should 

always open the injection;

4, do not fall into the screw feeder;

5, pay attention to the motor current situation, induced draft fan ≤ 60A, blower ≤ 12A, 

feeding machine ≤ 6A;

6, often check the transmission parts of any abnormalities, bearing parts temperature rise;

7, according to the actual situation with a hammer percussion periodically cyclone separator and

 bag filter, in order to clear the wall of the accumulation of materials;

8, bag filter bag within the bag as the use of time to check clean, usually once a month

airflow dryer airflow dryer


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