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Advantages Of Clean Briquette Equipment
May 15, 2018

What is clean coal? What are the advantages of clean briquette equipment?


The briquette equipment used in the current industrial market can be divided into two types according to the type: industrial briquette equipment and civil briquette equipment. If you follow the environmental protection can also be divided into two categories: traditional coal equipment, clean coal equipment. DAYANG BRIQUETTE MACHINERY is a professional briquette production equipment manufacturer. Today, it focuses on the production technology and advantages of clean briquette equipment for customers.

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First of all, let's understand what is called clean briquette. Clean coal refers to coal products that have been processed through mechanical methods for adding low-sulfur and low-volatile raw coal that has been selected, adding additives such as binder, combustion-supporting, sulfur-fixing, and water-repellent additives. That is, the sulfur content is below 0.8%, the volatile content is below 15%, the moisture content is below 2%, and the heat value is required to be kept at 5,200 kcal.

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After understanding the clean coal, let's take a look at the advantages of using the clean coal equipment. The use of clean briquette equipment can reduce coal sulphides by more than 70%, nitrogen oxides by more than 50%, and dust by more than 80%. On the whole, speaking of coal briquettes processed by coal briquetting machines, not only can the fuel consumption also greatly reduce harmful gas emissions. The production of clean briquette equipment manufacturers is inspected by the relevant state departments. Qualified for production of clean coal briquette equipment only after inspection. Therefore, when users purchase clean briquette equipment, they first need to provide qualification certificates for briquette equipment manufacturers.

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The working principle of clean coal equipment is basically the same as that of traditional coal equipment, and the necessary supporting equipment is basically the same. It mainly includes: briquette ball presses, clean coal dryers, biaxial mixers, and dust removal equipment.

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Clean coal-fired equipment can be ball-pressed in raw coal to reduce the emission of sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide, which can greatly improve the working environment of operators and have the same effect on the combustion of briquette.

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In the current market development of circular economy, clean coal-based equipment to take the road of circular economy, while recycling economy has provided convenience for the development of clean coal equipment. It can be said that the development of clean coal equipment and recycling economy are complementary.

Coal Briquette Plant:


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