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Sawdust Dryer

Sawdust Dryer: 1, large drying ability moisture content 60% to 10%; 2, Less space request; 3, Less investment; 4, Less fuel consumption and coal or biomass materials can be used as fuel.

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The grinding biomass materials can be press into briquettes or pellet by press machine or pellet mill to become the solid fuel, used for industry boiler or make warm in fireplace. But the process of pressing into solid fuel have more request on the moisture content of grinding biomass materials, at least less than 15%, how to deal with deal with it? Based on production capacity and moisture content, we designed two kinds of sawdust dryer: rotary dryer for large production capacity more than 3000kg/h and mini air flow dryer for small production line less than 1000kg/h.We introduce our mini airflow dryer here for customers.

This product with one stove is suitable for drying materials like sawdust, rice hull, milling wheat straw, corn stalks and so on. The moisture of wet materials is at 20-60%, and production capacity less than 1000kg/h. This product reduces the moisture to 8-12% with the advantages of lower cost consumption and high efficiency. Only one stove to supply the heat,coal or biomass materials can be used as fuel.

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The fuel boiler generates hot air which mixes with wet materials and then is sucked into the pipes by the exhaust blower (fan) quickly. And then hot air is flowing and going though the curving pipes and buffer (drying chamber) of dryer, thus wet materials is finished to dry, and the dried materials are discharged from the outlet with air lock. 

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Technical date:





Power (kw)




Output (kg/h)




Diameter of materials (mm)

<1mm & < 5mm

<1mm & < 5mm

<1mm & < 5mm

Net/Gross Weight(kg)




sawdust dryer manufacturersawdust dryer manufacturer

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