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Dryer System

The heat source equipment of the dryer system may use a pulverized coal combustion furnace or an energy-saving hot air furnace, and the heating method adopts a coal dust combustion method. The furnace temperature can be removed according to customer requirements, according to the amount of coal powder injected, and equipped with two ignition methods: one for ordinary grate ignition, and the other for diesel burner ignition. The heating method avoids the disadvantages of high energy consumption and difficulty in operation of the conventional coal-fired hot blast stove.
main feature
1. The dryer system increases the inclination of the guide plate at the feed end of the dryer, so that the wet coal quickly enters the intensive drying stage;
 2. The front half of the dryer increases the length of the movable rafter type lifting plate to prevent sticking;
3. The lifting plate of the dryer is arranged in the radial direction of the drying machine cylinder along the circumference, so that the number of collisions of the material with the lifting plate in the process of the material falling from the upper part of the cylinder is increased. The material is lifted and dropped hundreds of times, increasing the chance of contact between the material and the hot flue gas in the tumble dryer and extending the time of the material and hot flue gas in the tumble dryer.
4. The large chain ring cleaning chain is welded in the hopper of the dryer lifting plate, which strengthens the cleaning effect and heat conduction of the chain on the dispersed material, and can effectively prevent the material from sticking on the inside and outside of the lifting plate and the inner wall of the drum.
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