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High Quality Mesh Belt/conveyor Dryer

Applicable: coal/charcoal briquettes, mineral briquettes
Moisture: 35% -- 8%
Capacity: 500kg/h -- 10000kg/h

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High quality mesh belt/conveyor dryer

Applicable: various of industrial briquettes, pellet or chips and so on, mainly for coal/charcoal mineral briquetts plant, matched to briquette machine, pellet machine, brick machine and other forming machine;

Production Capacity: 5-100 ton/day
Moisture content: from 35% to 5%
Fuel for Dryer: coal/biomass briquettes/oil/gas/steam

The mesh belt dryer, is mainly matched to briquette plant to dry the coal briquettes or charcoal briquettes from the briquetting machine with high moisture content. Input briquettes moisture content less than 35%-40% and final briquettes moisture less than 2%-5% can be accepted by our drier. Production capacity for coal briquettes less than 25 tons per hours and charcoal briquettes less than 10 tons per hour can be accepted. Final briquettes from the drier can be packaged directly.

The mesh belt dryer, is made by individual drying box, which will be connected together at site. The drier is composed by Drier Head、 Drying Box、 Drier end、 Mesh Belt、 Driven System、 hot wind Input and moisture Outlet pip and Draught Fan and Furnace (will be built at site).

Briquettes will be feed into the drier from the feed port and laying on the mesh belt, and then follow the mesh belt to through the drying box, the briquettes will slip to the second layer when reach to the end of the first layer; briquettes will running to the end of the drier at the same way until discharge from the drier.

Following the mesh belt running, the how wind will be pumped into the drier from the furnace by draught fan from the hot wind input pip. The hot wind will be pumped into the bottom from the side of the drying box and the through the mesh belt and briquettes taking the moisture out and then discharge from the out let port.

Video for mesh belt dryer:  https://youtu.be/eaLS6g0MhM8

※Professional drier for coal or charcoal briquettes, widely matched to coal briquettes plant;
※24 hours continuous working with excellent drying performance;
※5%-10% final briquettes moisture content;
※Length of drier can be enlarged as production capacity enlarge;
※Less space request and hight efficiency with large evaporation intensity.
※Design the right size drier freely for customers;
※Engineer arranged to guide to assemble;
※Training the local workers to operate and maintenance freely;
※Spart parts supplied preferentially.

The technical date as follows:

ModelOval Size (m)Drying Length (m)Belt Width (m)Reducer ModelMotorPowerOut    Put


Notes: Number of length and layers will be custom-made as customers production request and raw materials moisture content and final products moisture content request.

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