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Coal Briquettes Dryer

Coal Briquettes Dryer

coal briquettes dryer, widely assembled to coal briquettes plant to drying the coal briquettes after briquette press machine to improve the production line production line: Hot air quantity: 20000-50000 cubic meter per hour; Temperature inside dryer: 200 to 300 degree; Production Capacity: 1-50tph; Drying Ability: moisture content from 18% to 5% ; Fuel: coal, gas, biomass briquettes or pellet;

Having been focused on high quality briquette machines for over 20 years, Dayang Briquette Machinery is now well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of coal briquettes dryer. Except for advanced equipment, we also have a group of professional and experienced engineers at your service. Under strict quality control system, we warmly welcome you to buy competitive price coal briquettes dryer with us.

Coal Briquettes Dryer

Coal briquette dryers, known as belt dryer/conveyor dryer/plate dryer or mesh belt dryer also, is special R&D for coal briquette press production line to replace the traditional vertical dryer!

Widely known by all of coal briquettes plant owner, wet briquettes are not hard enough for storage and easily damage during the transport! On the other hands, drying by traditional vertical dryer or sunshine will limite the production capacity! Most importantly, vertical dryer are easily fired and drying by sunshine is depends on weather and cost for workers will be more! In order to get 24 hours working and greatly extend the production capacity, we R&D the belt dryer by hunderends of test! 

Feature of Coal Briquettes Belt Dryer:

1, 24 hours working to extend the production capacity;

2, No briquettes fired inside dryer by Redesiged hot air route and chain plate;

3, Strong drying ability,briquettes with moisture content 15% can be dryed to 5%;

4, Less damage rate for coal briquettes;

5, Low power consumption and fuel consumption;

6, Easy operation and daily maintenance;

7, Longer service life and quality guarantee for 3 years;

8, Less space request for coal briquettes plant.

Coal briquettes dryer picture as follows:

belt dryer dryer body structurehot air route
chain plate dryerfanfurnace
inside dryerbriquettes inside dryercabinet

welcome you inquiry to get more information on coal briquettes dryer! 


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