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Strong Drying Ability Charcoal/Coal Briquettes Belt Dryer

Applicable: coal briquettes, charcoal briquettes, mineral briquettes and other kinds of pellet; Drying alibity: Moisture content from 40% to 5%; Production capacity: 500kg per hour to 20000kg per hour; Heat Source: coal, charcoal, natural gas, oil,timber and other biomass materials; Power: 22kw,37kw,45kw, and driven by 4kw,5.5kw and so on; Overall size: custom-made.

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Product introduction:

Belt Dryer, is special designed for coal/charcoal briquettes plants, is used to dry the coal/charcoal briquettes with high moisture content and continous working by 24 hours with less running cost! Following production capacity request, our belt dryer have been updated redesigned more than times to meet clients drying capacity request and final briquettes request!

belt dryer

Main parts:

1, Drying Body( drying box) with gate and without gate;

2, Belt Conveyor, Chain Plate Conveyor;

3, Motor for Conveyor;

4, Draught Fan;

5, Furnace to supply the heat, coal, charcoal & biomass materials can be as fuel;

6, Hot air and moisture outlet pipe.

draught fan


1, Strong drying ability, from 40% to 5%;

2, Less briquettes damage during the drying process;

3, Save more place and powder by same production capacity;

4, No worrier about the fire happened;

5, Less fuel consumption.

The dryer can be designed for 1 layer to 5 layer, usually, last layer are used for dust discharge generated during the drying process!

Welcome to inquiry us to get the detailed designing on the belt dryer by Email: zzdybriquette@gmail.com

 charcoal briquettes dryer

Belt Dryer Technical Request:

In order design the correct size of dryer for your plant, pls let our engineer know the following information before submitted to you:

1,How many tons dryed briquettes do you want to get per day?

2,Briquettes moisture content from briquettes press machine;

3,Briquettes moisture content after dryed;

4,Briquettes shape and size;

5,Which kinds of fuel you want to use?

6,Your plant size left for dryer;

The detailed designing for your dryer will be sumitted as soon as complete above information, thanks!

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