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Hydraulic Briquette Press Machine

Applicable: mineral powder materials; Production capacity: custom0made; Pressure: adjustable;

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Having been focused on high quality briquette machines for over 20 years, Dayang Briquette Machinery is now well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of hydraulic briquette press machine. Except for advanced equipment, we also have a group of professional and experienced engineers at your service.


a variety of Silicon Powder, Mineral Powder, Mill Scale, Aluminum Powder, Copper Powder, Iron Ore Powder, Iron Oxide Powder, Coke, Coke Fines, Coke Dust, Coke Powder, Coal, Coal Powder, Coal Fines, Coal Dust, Coal Ash, Clay, Salt, Gypsum, Lime Powder, Slag; 

hrdraulic briquette press machine


1, Adjustable pressure of two rollers by hydraulic system; 

2, Rollers Self protection if metal or hard materials mixed in the raw materials; 

3, High density final briquettes; 

4, Binder-less pressing technology. 

Working Principle: 

Material through vbelt, to gear reducer,the speed reducer by the coupling to the driving shaft,a pair of open gear,ensuretwo roller shaft synchronous (constant velocity reversed) in which the passive roller by the piston hydraulic cylinder to(constant pressure by oblique iron to withstand), the hydraulic circuit and hydraulic control valve and the accumulator can guarantee the system pressure,the material evenly into the molding machine hopper from the storage bin quantitative equipment,by adjusting the hopper on the regulation of the gate,the material evenly into the rolls, constant velocity reverseoperation of roller unit forming pressure compressed material from small to large, in roll center line pressing force reaches the maximum value,the material through the center line,molding pressure rapidly becomes small make the material into ball.

raulic briquette press machine 

The different hydraulic system compared  with traditional briquette press: 

1, production capacity is less; 

2, rollers width is small; 

3, power consumption is more; 

4, dual output reducer used; 

5, applicable for mineral powder materials; 

6, raw materials size request more small;

raulic briquette press machineraulic briquette press machineraulic briquette press machine

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