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Charcoal Briquette Press

1,Rollers designing is reasonable and easy to change by less cost; 2,Pressure is strong to ensure the final briquette strength; 3, Production line designing free and guide the installation.

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Brief description:

Charcoal briquette press, named rollers press machine or briquette press also, is widely applicable for pressing charcoal fines from wood into briquettes by rollers driven by motor through reducer! Final charcoal briquettes will be easy to pack and pollution free for transport.

Charcoal Briquettes shape and size samples:

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Shape: oval, square, pillow, circular and special shape need to custom-made;

Spare parts for charcoal briquette press--pressing rollers:

1, 65Mn-which is casting and then do process and final to do the heat treament;

2, 9Cr2 Mo- which is forge  and then do process and final to do the heat treatment;

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Glad to recomemnd our new designing connection rollers, which is easy to do maintenance and less cost to change rollers:

Connection rollers advantage:

1, Easy to do the maintenance work to change the rollers,

No need the hoisting device;

No need the special hydraulic system;

No need the special technical man to guide;

No need to move the whole shaft assemble out;

No need to move the bearing blocks and bearing out;

No need to move the rollers from shaft;

Only move the feed hopper and loose the bolt of rollers and move the new old connection plate and change the new one and fix the bolt.

2, Save cost for parts: No need change the whole mould, only change the plate, cost of parts will be less, meanwhile, no need to rent the hoisting device and hydraulic system. Most importantly, only 1 or two days will be complete the maintenance work, save much workers cost;

3, Easy to change the shape and size of final briquettes producing, no need to buy the new machine and build the new production line;

connection rollers.jpgconew_conew_img_3654_conew1.jpgconew_conew_img_5572_conew1.jpg

conew_conew_img_3969_conew1.jpgrollers 2.jpg

Equipment list for charcoal briquettes plant as follows:

1, Charcoal Hammer Crusher, pollution free by cyclone dust collector assembled;

2, Rotary Drum Screen, separating dust more than 3mm out;

3, Double shaft mixer or wheel mill mixer, which is two kinds of charcoal fines mixer for different flow chart. Mixed with water and binders evenly.

4, Binders feeder,powder binders are widely added for charcoal briquettes process because of pollution free, so our binders feeder named dry powder feeder also;

5, Press the mixed charcoal dust into different shape and size;

6, Plate Dryer or Conveyor dryer, which is the key equipment for the charcoal briquettes plant.

7, Belt Conveyor and Silo,connect all the equipment by belt conveyor or screw conveyor;

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ZHENGZHOU DAYANG BRIQUETTE MACHINERY CO., LTD, professional of charcoal briquettes press manufactuer and charcoal briquettes plant designing and manufacture, we are famous for our connection rollers and our chain plate dryer!

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