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Coal Briquetting Plant

Applicable: coal,coke,brown coal, coal slime,coal ash etc.
Capacity: custom-made

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The coal briquetting plant is mainly composed of crusher, raw materials storage silo, binders feeder, mixer, coal briquette machine and coal briquette dryer and so on. The detailed introduction for each parts as follows:

The coal dust can be feed into briquette machine should be less than 5mm, so hammer crusher are widely welcomed because of excellent working efficiency & less operation cost. We can get the 3-5mm dust and fines less than 3mm, which is very good size for briqutting process. The picture as follows:

Storage silo with screw feeder & binders feeder:
Coal dust after crusher, will be load into the storage silo for temporary storage to make sure the whole production line operation. Screw feeder is the key parts for the storage silo, which will control the feed speed to mixer, to control the complete production line working speed. The speed of screw feeder will be controlled by cycloidal pin gear reducer.

The working principle of binders feeder is the same, controlled speed by cycloidal pin gear reducer.

Picture as follows:

Wheel Mill Mixer: 

Wheel Mill Mixer, named by the two cast iron wheel & mixer blade, is widely used in the coal briquetting plant because of good mill&mixer performance, especially for the fines with the feature of non-absorbent, such as brown coal, charcoal fines, some of mineral powder. After pressing and mixing again and again by wheel and mixer blade, the materials will mix with water evenly, which will do the good preparation work for briquette machine. 

Double shaft mixer: 

Double shaft mixer, named by its structure, is widely assembled on the coal or charcoal briquetting production line because of large output and longer service life & easily maintenance. Meanwhile, the width and length can be custom-made as customers demand! 

Coal Briquette Machine 

Coal briquette machine, known as roller press or briquette press also, is the main section of the coal briquettes plant. The rollers and shaft are the key parts of the briquette machine, especially for the materials of rollers, different materials of rollers will be used for different kinds of coal, which will greatly save the running cost and improve the working efficiency. Such as 65Mn,9Cr2Mo, Alloy Steel and so on.  

The final briquettes shape and size can be custom-made also based on customers demand, such as oval, square, pillow shape. 

Coal Briquettes Dryer

Coal briquettes dryer, known as mesh belt dryer or belt dryer, is a kinds of industry dryer, designed and manufactured by our factory, mainly assembled with our production line, greatly improve the production line production capacity. 

The dryer is composed of stove, drying box, and draught fan,air pipe also. The hot air generated by stove will be pumped into dryer by draught fan. Hot air will take the coal briquettes moisture inside the dryer, and the moisture will be pumped out by negative pressure fans. 

The width and length even the layer of dryer will be custom-made based on customers production capacity, final briquettes size and moisture content demand. 

Following the customers demand, the have done 5 times update for our dryer. The update including the stove, hot air inlet pipe, mesh belt and so on. No matter the final briquettes drying result or the production capacity are greatly improved. 

coal briquette dryer

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