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Charcoal Production Machine

Feature of charcoal production machine: 1.high carbonization rate and high output 2.energy-saving,1000kg charcoal just need 30kg firewood or 15kg liquid gas 3.smokeless.little pollution;we have two important system to recycle and purify the smoking and gas flow,and the 95% smoking will be reused for heating the stove again,and the heating resource can use the liquid gas,so no pollution 4.Automatic loading and unloading,we will send steel basket for you to loading the wood and keep the lgood look of the charcoal. 5.easy for transport,save much transport charge,the inner stove can be stack,together when loading,it will save almost 50% space,it will save much money 6.suitable for all kinds of raw material,especially for the coconut shell,palm shell.

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Product introduction:

Charcoal has been manufactured since pre-historic times. Around 5,300 years ago, a hapless traveler perished in the Tyrolean Alps. Recently, when his body was recovered from a glacier, scientists found that he had been carrying a small box containing bits of charred wood wrapped in maple leaves. The man had no fire-starting tools such as flint with him, so it appears that he may have carried smoldering charcoal instead. As much as 6,000 years ago, charcoal was the preferred fuel for smelting copper. After the invention of the blast furnace around 1400 A.D. , charcoal was used extensively throughout Europe for iron smelting. By the eighteenth century, forest depletion led to a preference for coke (a coal-based form of charcoal) as an alternative fuel.

How to make charcoal from biomass materials such as wood or sawdust briquettes?

Charcoal is produced by burning a carbon-rich material such as wood in a low-oxygen atmosphere. This process drives off the moisture and volatile gases that were present in the original fuel. The resulting charred material not only burns longer and more steadily than whole wood, but it is much lighter (one-fifth to one-third of its original weight).

It divides three processes:
1. Heat
After sealing work, use wooden wastes or gas to heat furnace. Primarily, 10 minutes big fire to burn, when the temperature reaches 90 degrees centigrade, turn to use slow fire to heat. It takes 80-120minutes for this process to reduce water vapor from your materials.

2. Pyrolyse
Keep heating, when the temperature reaches 180-235 degrees centigrade for 3-5hours, it will produce gas from this process. Reuse this gas as fuel to heat. The whole process is about 8hours. When the temperature reach highest and it reduces, the dry distillation process will finished.

3. Cooling
Hang the Inner pot outside, and seal the pipes of cover. Let it cool naturally. Cooling time is longer, the quality of charcoal is good. When the temperature lowers than 50 degree, you can take charcoal out. Otherwise, the charcoal will burn again when met oxygen of air.

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♦>> What materials do you use to dry ?
You can use almost all the biomass materials.
♦>> What is the max moisture of your material ?
Our machine can dry biomass materials between 60% and 70%.
♦>>What is the temperature?  230℃
♦>>What is the carbonization rate ? upto 99%. 
♦>>Could you offer complete briquette machine production line ?
Yes, we will allocate suitable production line, according to your special requirement, such as crusher, conveyor, dryer, briquette machine, etc.
♦>>Where is your factory located? How do I get there ?
We are located in zhengzhou city, Henan province, middle of China; The nearest airport is XINZHENG International Airport, and the Airport Code is CGO. We will pick you up at airport or railway station. Welcome to visit our factory.
♦>>Installation time: 5-7days
♦>>What is capacity of your machine ?
One inner pot can load 2.5tons machine-made briquettes; 8hours will get one ton machine-made charcoal.
One Inner pot can load 2tons natural wood, 8-10hours will get 600kg-800kg natural charcoal.
Therefore, one furnace can get: 3tons machine-made charcoal, 1.8-2.5tons natural wood charcoal.
♦>>What is carbonization time ?
Usually, 8-10hours. If your natural wood is fresh, it takes long time to remove moisture of wood;

Therefore, carbonization time is longer.
♦>>When the charcoal is finished ?
There is no smoke and smoke is blue lucid, the process is finished.
♦>>How many times should we cool the charcoal ?
It takes 10-16hours. When the inner pot goes down to 50℃ or less, charcoal can be packaging and collecting.
♦>>Can we use the machine directly ?
Yes, start the machine, when temperature reach 320 degree, put your materials into hopper, you will get fuel briquette


1.high carbonization rate and high output 

2.energy-saving,1000kg charcoal just need 30kg firewood or 15kg liquid gas

3.smokeless.little pollution;we have two important system to recycle and purify the smoking

and gas flow,and the 95% smoking will be reused for heating the stove again,and the heating 

resource can use the liquid gas,so no pollution 

4.Automatic loading and unloading,we will send steel basket for you to loading the wood and 

keep the lgood look of the charcoal.

5.easy for transport,save much transport charge,the inner stove can be stack,together when

loading,it will save almost 50% space,it will save much money 

6.suitable for all kinds of raw material,especially for the coconut shell,palm shell.

Technical date for charcoal production machine:










1*outer furnace,

3*Inner pots,3*covers,

1*purification tank,

1*3t lifting device





2*outer furnaces,

6*Inner pots,6*covers,

2*purification tank,

1*5t hoist equipment with motor





3*outer furnaces,

9*Inner pots,9*covers,

3*purification tank,

1*5t hoist equipment with motor





4*outer furnaces,

12*Inner pots,12*covers,

4*purification tank,

1*5t hoist equipment with motor

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