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Wood Pellet Machine

Applicable: biomass materials; Production capacity: 500-2000kg per set; Production line capacity: 1-20tph;

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Wood Pellet Machine Sawdust Pellet Machine 

Applicable: biomass materials from farm and forest, such as sawdust, straw (corn stalks, large soybean straw, sorghum, cotton stalk, rape straw, peanut vine, sunflower stalk), rice husk, grass, shrubs, branches, wood cut head, bamboo shavings, bagasse and other raw materials after extrusion screw propeller and rods made of high temperature sleeve.

Raw material request:

  1. Moisture of material should <15%,material size should <6-10mm;But peanut shell and sunflowr shell can be press into pellet directly.

biomass materials

Wood Pellet Features and Application:

1.Pellet is known as new-style of solid fuel and it is renewable, environmental protection, it is also clean and low cost.

2.Pellet (biomass pellet,wood pellet) is widely usedin heating, biomass boiler, household gasification furnace, industrial boiler, hotels, restaurants, bath in industries as heat source,instead of coal in boiler burning,avoid the pollution of burning the coal ,also being used as industial fuel.

3.High density from 1-1.6g/cm3,easy to store and transportation,Calorific value can be 3500-5500Kilocalorie.

4.Biofuel can instead of coal for biomass power generation.

pellet sawdust

Working Principle: 

1.Material will be feed into pellet forming chamber by screw conveyor from raw materials storage;

2.Two gear and mold will press materials by strong force into pellet,Gear rotate to press pellet come out surround in forming chamber.

3.Automatic cutting device arround the mold ,which can cut pellet automaticly and control the length of pellet .

4.During the process ,the oil supply device can lubricate the gear automaticly;

5, Bag filter will collect the dust generated during the forming process.

Wood pellet production line equipment list as follows:

1. Crusher:

Wood crusher which can grind the raw material into sawdust with 3mm,which is request size for dryer and pellet machine.It applicable for straw,stalk,tree branches,nutshell,wood shavings,wood waste board,leaves,palm fiber etc.

hammer blade crusher 

2. Dryer:

Air flow dryer or rotary drum dryer can dry the material moisture content less than 15%,which is suitable for pellet forming.The dryer use hot air accompany with material and evaporated rapidly.

air flow dryerrotary drum dryer

3.Wood pellet machine:

Wood sawdust pellet mill can convert the biomass material into solid pellet ,the diameter and length can be customed.

wood pellet machinesawdust pellet machine

4.Cooling process

You can use a cooling fan or cool it by nature about half or one hour,or cooled pellet by cooler machine.

5.Package machine:

After cooling the semi-automatic quantative packing machine can pack the pellet into bag with quantative weight.

wood pellet plant

sawdust pellet plant

wood pellet plant

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