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Sawdust Pellet Machine

Applicable: biomass materials from farm or forest; Materials request: moisture less than 15%, size less than 6mm; Production Capacity: 500-2000kg per hour per set;

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Brief introduction:

Sawdust pellet machine, known as new designing biomass press machine, is used to press the biomass waste materials from farm into solid fuel,which is widely welcomed by government and farm owner. Working as follows:Material will be feed into forming chamber automaticlly by screw conveyor from raw materials storage. In the forming chamber,two running gear and ring mold help to press and form the biomass materials into pellet,Gear rotate to press pellet come out surround.Automatic cutting device arround the mold,which is used to control the pellet length.the bearing and gear and mold will be lubricated automaticly by hydraulic system.

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Applicable materials for this machine:

wood waste,corn,sawdust,straw,rice husk,rice straw,bagasse,biomass waste,cotton stalk,peanut shell,bamboo,coconut shell,branch,hay,fodder,wood flour and saw dust of eucalyptus,pine,birch,poplar fruit tree,bamboo,organic fertilizer,organic manure,horse manure,cow manure,animal feed,poultry feed,rabbit feed,fish feed and so on.

sawdust pellet

Applicable for final pellets from this machine:

The final pellets can be used for industrial boilers and large power plants as well as home heating, because of high heat value and less ash content and low cost to buy.


1.High-precision involute helical has been adopted for direct transmission,which ensures higher transmission efficiency.

2.The spindle and conjoined hollow shaft are made of German imported structural alloy steel by water for forging,tough turning,heat treatment and accurat grinding,with reasonable structure and uniform hardness,which improves the fatigue resistance and wear resistance of components and ensures more reliable and safer operation.

3.The mainframe cabinet is made of high-quality steel by precision casting,with uiform thickness and compact structure,which provides stronger support for normal operation.

4.Famous Brand bearings as well as wear-resistant and heat-resistant fluororubber oil seal have been applied in the transmission part,and moreover,lubricating oil return system is particularly added,with circulating cooling of oil circuit and self-timing oil feed for lubrication,which ensures the bearings fully lubricated and the operation sate and reliable.

5.High-quality silent bearings with longer service life and safer running performance have been applied along with thin oil circulating cooling lubricated and the operation safe and reliable.

6.The ring die is made of high-grade stainless high nickel steel by fine process with reasonable unique compression ratio and with better quality,longer service and lower production cost.

sawdust pellet production line

Pellet production line equipment list as follows:

1.Hammer Blade Crusher:

Hammer Blade Crusher which can crushed the raw material into sawdust,under 6mm,which is suitable for the dryer and pellet machine.It can be used to grind straw,stalk,tree branches,nutshell,wood shavings, wood waste board,leaves,palm fiber ,etc.


Air flow dryer or rotary drum dryer is used to dry the material moisture of 15%, suitable for pellet forming.The dryer use hot air accompany with material and evaporated rapidly .

3.Sawdust pellet machine:

This machine converts the biomass material into pellet ,the length can be customed.

4.Cooling process:

You can use a cooling fan or cool it by nature about half or one hour

5.Packing and bagger:

After cooling the semi-automatic quantative packing machine can pack the pellet into bag with quantative weight.

Site as follows:

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