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Sawdust Briquetting Machine

applicable:Sawdust, tree branches, bamboo powder, sawdust, coconut shell, straw, rice husk, corn cob, peanut shell, vinasse and so on; Production Capacity: 100-500kg/h; Final briquettes size: Dia40-90mm, length: 200-1000mm

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1.Applicable: biomass materials from farm or forest, such as Sawdust, tree branches, bamboo powder, sawdust, coconut shell, straw, rice husk, corn cob, peanut shell, vinasse and so on.This machine can make different sizes of briquettes, which can be used for industry boil solid fuel, home made fireplace fuel, and BBQ charcoal briquettes and other related products.

2. Material requirement: Moisture: 8-12%; Size: ≤ 5 mm

3. Working time: 16 hours per day.

4. Shape of final briquette: Hexagon shape, round, cubic, etc. Diameter is 40-90mm with a hole inside. The inside hole diameter is usually 15mm. Length of final briquettes can be controlled and adjusted between 200-1000mm.

fire logs 3.jpgfire logs 2.jpg


1. Propeller and main components are made by special wear-resistant materials.

2. High capacity, low consumption, high density and durable structure.

3. The final briquette with high density and long burning time. 

Spare parts:

1. Heating ring:

The heating ring is made of stainless steel, and inner is the electric heating wire. The role of 

heating ring is to make the surface of briquette rods hardening. Each charcoal making machine has 

three heating rings, and its working temperature is 350 celsius degree.

hear ring for sawdust briquetting machineheat ring 3.jpg

2. Propeller: 

Propeller of sawdust briquetting machine is to push the raw materials for briquetting.


3. Shaping Drum: 

Each machine has one mould,w hich can be changed easy!


Production line:

Biomass materails →hammer blade crusher( (make thediameter less than 3-5mm)

→Screw conveyor →Dryer equipment (make themoisture is less than 12%)

→Screw conveyor→sawdust briquetting machine→ Carbonization furnace→ Mechanism charcoal

1. sawdust making machine- crusher:

To grind the wood log, wood branch and leftover materials into powder.( Below 5mm)

Model we have: zzhc-400, zzhc-500,zzhc-600, 

The capacity is from: 200-1500Kg/h;

Dust will be collected by cyclone system, and screen at bottom of crusher will control the size of 


hammer blade crusher

2. Dryer equipment:

Dry the material by airflow dryer or rotary dryer. To reduce the moisture below 12%.

We have two models: Airflow dryer and rotary dryer.

airflow dryerrotary drum dryer

3. Sawdust briquette machine :

This machine is the main equipment to use sawdust, rice husk, peanut shell and other wood material(Without

adding any additives)Under high pressure to make it into hollow rod solid charcoal fuel

( mechanism charcoal)

sawdust briquetting machinesawdust briquetting machinesawdust briquettes plant

4. Carbonization furnace

Carbonize the sawdust briquettes into charcoal.

1)carbonizaton kiln,

2)cumbustion carvonization furnace.

3)air-flow carboniztion furnace

carbonization machinecarbonization machine

5.Final product:

Briquettes before carbonization:density: 1500Kg/m3 or higher than this.( Different raw material, the 

final briquette density is different)

After carbonized briquettes:

Long burning time: 5-7 hours

High calorific value: 8800Kcal

Low ash content: Below 2.6

The volatile matter should not be more than 9.5%

The fixed carbon shall not be less than 83.9%

Moisture content shall be not more than 4.0%

Smooth surface: without crackle

Environmental-friendly: without any chemical,

charcoal briquettescharcoal briquettes

charcoal briquettes

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