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Sawdust Briquette Making Machine

Sawdust Briquette Making Machine:

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Product introduction:

This machine, pressing the sawdust through propeller driven by motor! Sawdust briquette machine is known by one of biomass briquette machine, make the solid fuel from biomass materials, which is considered as waste materials at farm or forest!


sawdust, straw (corn stalks, large soybean straw, sorghum, cotton stalk, rape straw, peanut vine, sunflower stalk), rice husk, grass, shrubs, branches, wood cut head, bamboo shavings, bagasse and other raw materials after extrusion screw propeller and rods made of high temperature sleeve.

Final Sawdust Briquettes sample:

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Applicable for final briquettes:

1,solid fuel used for industry boiler to replace the coal because of less ash and free pollution element content, meanwhile some of biomass briquettes heat value is more than coal, most importantly, the raw materials cost are less, and can get every where and every year;

2,make warm in fireplace at home, cheaper price compared with timer and fire time is longer;

3,store the water buried in the ground when it is rainy, because of strong water absorption feature;

4,make charcoal briquettes for BBQ;

Technical date:




15 + 4.5 k

11 + 4.5 kw

22 + 9 kw


120-150 kg/h

120-150 kg/h

250-300 kg/h

Diameter of briquettes




Applicable materials

sawdust, rick husk, stalks, peanut shell, branches, etc.

Shape of final products

hexagonal or square cylinder

Processing temperature

280-330 ℃


No need to use

Pressure type

screw press

Heating circle

3 pcs

Automatic cutting device



 540/590 k

650/700 kg

1080/1180 kg

Pack size





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Spare parts of briquette making machine:

heat ring

heat ringpropellermodel

Related equipment with sawdust briquette making machine:

1,hammer blade crusher: used to make sawdust from small size branch or straw from farms;

2,sawdust making machine: used to make sawdust from big size timer directly;

3,air flow dryer: for small production capacity such as 1 tons sawdust drying process with low investment;

4, rotary drum dryer: widely used for super industry briquettes plant or pellet mill plants;

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sawdust dryersawdust machine

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