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Coal Briquettes

Professional coal briquette press production line, charcoal briquette press plant manufacturer--ZHENGZHOU DAYANG BRIQUETTE MACHINERY CO., LTD Especially professional for our connect rollers and mesh belt dryer!

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Product introduction

This product has long been produced as a means of full using up 'small coal', the finely broken coal inevitably produced during the mining process. Otherwise this is difficult to burn as it is both hard to arrange adequate airflow through a fire of these small pieces, also it tended to be drawn up and out of the chimney by the draught, giving visible black smoke.

 The first briquettes were known as culm and were hand-moulded with a little wet clay as a binder. These could be difficult to burn efficiently, as the unburned clay produced a large ash content, blocking airflow through a grate.

 coal briquettes

How to make this product by automatic production line? And whick kinds of machine are necessary in coal briquettes plant? Pls kindly check the following flow chart:

briquettes plant

1, Hammer crusher, known as coal crusher also, we request the feed size shall be less than 3mm, and big size raw materials will block the rollers or speed up the wearing of rollers. Meanwhile, the small size of coal dust can mixed with water and binders well, which will help press the good quality briquettes;

2, Binders Feeder,recently, powder binders are widely used such as starch. Binders feeder are mainly designing for powder binders, the screw conveyor are assembled to control the speed of binders feeding by adjustable of screw conveyor speed.

3,Mixer, there are two kinds of mixer used for coal briquettes plant for two kinds of different process, depends on customers request and preference. Coal dust and water & binders will be mixed evenly in mixer for next process pressing.

First: Double Shaft Mixer, which is more easy automatic work in production line;

Second: Wheel Mill Mixer, need two workers control the binders and water; We can design the automatic feeding device also by PLC set and control;

4, Briquette Press: coal briquette press machine,press the coal dust mixed with water and binders well into briquettes by two rollers driven by motor through reducer. One of our key technology is the connection rollers, more easy to do maintenance and less cost, detailed connection information kindly check the news-solution advantage of connection rollers.

5,Drying system: Recently, vertical dryer, tower dryer, mesh belt dryer,chain plate dryer are the main dryer in market. We recommend our new designing chain plate dryer because of following advantage:

1, Higher Drying Efficiency;

2, Less Space Request;

3,Less Final Briquettes Damage Rate;

4,Running Stability and Less Spare Parts;

5, Automatic dust cleaning device.

More detailed advantage pls check the chain plate dryer advantage compared with traditional vertical dryer, mesh belt dryer, and so on.

6, Package Machine.

coal briquettes plant

ZHENGZHOU DAYANG BRIQUETTE MACHINERY CO., LTD, who is professional at coal/charcoal/mineral powder briquette press machine and coal/charcoal/mineral briquettes plant designing and manufacturer more than 20 years, service for hunderds of briquettes machine and briquettes plants customers from domestic and abroad! After thousands of redesigning & updating and hundreds of customers test, we are glad to recommend our key technology connect rollers for press machine and chain plate dryer. Connection rollers for briquette press is greatly short the time to change the rollers and save much cost on rollers; New Designing Chain Plate Dryer is famous for its large production capacity upto 25-30tph, less briquettes damage, and strong drying ability final briquettes moisture content less than 5%!



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