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Charcoal Maker Machine

charcoal maker machine: 1, low cost and more production capacity; 2, wide application; 3, longer service life.

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Product introduction:

This machine, known as charcoal making machine also, is one kinds of device to make charcoal from sawdust or timer. Actually there are two kinds of machine based on different raw materials, but they are working together also if you raw materials are biomass dust, such as sawdust, straw or coconut shell dust also, detailed introduction as follows:

1, Charcoal Maker Machine--Sawdust Briquette Machine:

sawdust briquette machine, is known as one kinds of charcoal maker machine, which is make half charcoal from raw biomass materials dust. Press the biomass materials into briquettes first and then carbonizated them into charcoal! This machine is widely used in China and Abroad, because of less cost and wide application. 

charcoal maker machinecharcoal making machine

biomass briquettescharcoal briquettes

2, Charcoal Maker Machine- Carbonization Furnace:

Carboniztaion furnace for wood is also combined type, this kind of carbonization stove are included three inner stove, when one inner stove are finished, it can be hoisted outside. And when the first inner stove are cooling , the other inner stove can be carbonized at the same time, in this way the cooling time can be reduced much, thus, the productive efficiency increase a lot .This type of stove adopts the structure of unique air storage chamber, to fully reuse the smoke produced during the process of carbonization. And the redundant smoke can be used in drying and carbonizing, saving much fuel during the whole process, and increasing the enterprise revenue.

carbonization furnace

charcoal making machine

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